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How to use acarimeter?What are the precautions for the use of acarimeter?

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Mites are micro-pests invisible to the naked eye, which breed rapidly in the damp and rainy environment on pillows, carpets and sofas, and easily cause skin diseases for allergic people.To eliminate mite bug, rolled out on market now a lot of get rid of mite instrument, get rid of mite instrument to usually use the flap + collect dust + ultraviolet ray function to get rid of mite sterilization, get rid of mite instrument how to use?What are the precautions for the use of acarimeter?

How to use acarimeter?What are the precautions for the use of acarimeter?

Steps of mite control apparatus:

1. Connect one end of the power adapter to the acarite, turn on the power, the blue working indicator light is on (there is only one light on the left inner side), put it to my ear and listen to a slight sound, indicating that the acarite starts to work.

2. Please place the divide mite instrument where the air flow and no obstacle blocks, such as: bed, table, position is higher than the bed more than 10 cm (please don't put it on the floor or to the corner), transmitting aperture be toward the room empty place, and it is best not to long time towards the open door or window, lest affect effect, doors and Windows open best at the same time.

3. In the first 15 days, use it continuously for 24 hours, then use it for about 12 hours every day, until there is no mite in the home, you can stop using it.

4. The barrier-free use area of the instrument is about 80 square meters.Because have door window, wall and furniture to wait in the home to hold back thing, use an area to be less than 50 square metre actually so, want to place an acarimeter below a bedroom normally so.

5. There is a time process for using the instrument to remove mites. In this process, mites are gradually reduced and the effect is gradually apparent.

Precautions for Use:

1. The ambient temperature for the use of the acarite is 0-40 ℃. Do not let the machine be subjected to strong impact or fall from high altitude;

2. The instrument should be placed 40-80 cm from the ground to avoid children falling down and being damaged by touching;

3. There should be no object blocking in front of the transmission hole. The placing point should avoid the sound-absorbing materials such as carpet and curtain as far as possible, so as to prevent the decrease of sound pressure from reducing the sound domain and affecting the effect.

In order to be able to be reflected more intuitive divide mite instrument after use, the effect of low exceed LUFTMY S7 Dust sensor module embedded in the instrument that divide mite, S7 Smart Dust Dust sensor USES infrared correlation work method, when the tiny particles of Dust through the infrared correlation region, the receiver to receive and corresponding particle optical signal changes, through particle signal acquisition patent technology processing, will carry on comparative analysis to particle data and material data in the database, get accurate particle concentration data.The dust cleaning effect and cleanliness of floor, carpet and bed sheet of the acarite are presented to users intuitively through the output data of S7 dust sensor and LED color display.

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S7 Smart Dust Sensor

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