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What sensors are used in the air purifier?

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Nowadays air pollution is becoming more and more serious, and people pay more and more attention to air quality.In order to have a comfortable and healthy environment, many homes and indoor places have installed air purifiers. With the development and upgrading of science and technology, air purifiers have been combined with smart homes, which greatly improves the functions and performance of air purifiers.The function of air purifier cannot be realized without sensors. What sensors does it use?

What sensors are used in the air purifier

Temperature and humidity sensor

Humidity sensor has been a traditional component for decades. At present, the products are becoming more and more miniaturized and endowed with new application vitality through accurate calculation.For the air purifier, the temperature and humidity sensor is necessary, its role is to detect the indoor humidity (dry state), according to the data, the purifier control humidification amount, can ensure the indoor environment in a certain humidity range, to maintain the most comfortable humidity.

Smell sensor

In the 1980s, air purifiers sought to "remove the smell of smoke."Among the sensors, the air purifier is first equipped with a "smell sensor".The function of the smell sensor is to detect the concentration of "smell" substances floating in the air.When the surface of a sensor made of MOS absorbs odor molecules, the electrical conductivity increases and the resistance decreases.The sensor determines the concentration of odorous substances by detecting the resistance value.

Dust sensor

Dust sensors, also known as PM2.5 sensors, target particles larger than odorous substances.Its detection USES optical methods.When light hits the air, it scatters if there is dust in the air.The dust sensor detects dust by measuring the amount of reflected light.Today's sensors measure not only the amount, but also a certain threshold to determine the size of the dust.According to the current identification method, if the amount of light reflected when the dust passes is large, then the particles are large, small hair, then the particles are small.

LUFTMY dust exceed recommended LD13 laser sensor, it is a particle concentration based on the principle of laser detection and high precision sensor, the detection ability of superfine particles greatly ascend, measurable to ㎛ 0.1 ~ 10 ㎛ particulate matter.LD13 laser dust sensor module USES multi-interface design, suitable for air purifier, fresh air system, sweeping robot and other equipment.

LD13 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model
LD13 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

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