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Does PM2.5 concentration affect sleep?An air purifier helps you

Update: 2020-06-22 15:45 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

The fast-paced modern life has caused many people to suffer from insomnia, on the one hand, due to the pressure of life and work, on the other hand, air quality also affects sleep.Long-term sleep poor will appear neurasthenia, physical deterioration, therefore, a good sleep environment is very important.

Does PM2.5 concentration affect sleep?An air purifier helps you

Influence of PM2.5 concentration on sleep

Research by Dr. Antonella Zanobetti of Harvard University, who studies public health, confirms the dangers of air pollution for people with sleep disorders.The study, based on samples from seven representative U.S. cities, found that the more polluted the air, the worse the quality of sleep and the higher the incidence of apnea.

According to a new academic report from the University of Washington, exposure to high levels of nitrogen dioxide and pollution particles (PM2.5) leads to poorer sleep quality.The report, presented at the American American Thoracic Society's international conference in 2017, used a follow-up of 1,800 American testers over a 5-year period.Those exposed to high levels of nitrogen dioxide and pollution particles experienced a 50 to 60 percent increase in poor sleep quality.

PM2.5 sensors are used in air purifiers to improve sleep quality

The study found that simulating a natural environment, such as when it rains, or listening to the wind, water and birds, can make people feel relaxed and happy, making them more likely to fall asleep.Of air purifier not only can purify indoor air pollutants, including PM2.5, formaldehyde, viruses, bacteria, and create a safe environment for you, also can simulate the natural environment to some extent, the purification of indoor air, for example, release negative ions, to some extent, promote man and the coordination of the bedroom, so that people can get a good night's sleep in the right environment.

LD10 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model
LD10 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

The LD10 laser dust sensor developed by LUFTMY can be applied to the air purifier to detect the CONCENTRATION of PM2.5 and timely remind the air purifier to improve the air quality.

LD10 Laser dust sensor Product characteristics:

◆ Laser MIE spherical scattering principle;

◆ Zero error alarm rate;

◆ Minimum resolution particle size 0.1 m;

◆ Long life span;

◆ Anti-interference;

◆ Compatible with multi-protocol output.

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