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Application of PM2.5 sensor in subway Environmental Control System

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Environmental control system USES PM2.5 sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, carbon dioxide sensor and other sensor modules to monitor air quality in the environment.Nowadays, environmental control system has been used in many indoor environments, and it is also indispensable for important transportation vehicles, subway. It can ensure the air quality of subway. The following is the application of PM2.5 sensor and other sensors in subway environmental control system.

Maybe everyone has the experience of feeling dizzy when riding the subway during rush hour, because too many people have too much carbon dioxide and not enough oxygen, which can cause discomfort.It's cold when there are fewer people.In fact, the traditional subway environmental control system is just a silly type of continuous cooling and exhaust.Cooling capacity and air displacement are constant almost all the time.When there are many people, the effect is worse, but when there are few people, the effect is very good.

LD16 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model
Application of PM2.5 sensor in subway Environmental Control System

The application of modern sensors makes the metro environmental control system intelligent and humanized, monitors the temperature and humidity, CO2 content, PM2.5 and other parameters in the metro environment in real time, intelligently adjusts the cooling capacity and exhaust air volume, and creates a comfortable environment for everyone.This greatly optimizes system energy saving.As an important part of control system, environmental sensor is becoming more and more important in subway.

Application of temperature and humidity sensors in subway environment

The subway passenger flow is large and the new air volume required varies greatly.Therefore, the air conditioning load of the subway changes greatly, so the energy saving must be realized by means of automatic control.In this regard, indoor temperature and humidity sensors can be set up in the station hall and platform area of subway stations, on the subway, important equipment room and other occasions, so as to monitor the real-time temperature and humidity of the station.According to these parameters, the subway environmental control system can reasonably adjust the working conditions of the stations to keep these places in a comfortable environment.In addition, it can also be shown to passengers on the screen, so that passengers can understand the current environment temperature and humidity.

Application of CARBON dioxide sensors in subway environment

In addition, carbon dioxide sensors can be installed in the air return room of stations and in the subway to monitor the concentration of carbon dioxide in stations.In the station, due to human breathing, the concentration of carbon dioxide will increase. When the concentration of carbon dioxide is at a high value, the current station air quality poses a threat to the health of passengers.Therefore, the subway environmental control system can timely adjust the working conditions in the public area of the station according to the data collected by the CARBON dioxide sensor, so as to ensure the good air quality of the station.That way, we won't feel dizzy from lack of oxygen.

LD16 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model
LD16 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

Application of PM2.5 sensor in subway environment

Usually indoor PM2.5 particulate pollution is also very serious, especially when there are too many people, but it is invisible, we cannot understand its specific situation, but it is very harmful to human body.The application of PM2.5 sensors allows people to see PM2.5 in the subway more intuitively.At the same time, the subway environmental control system can monitor these parameters all the time. Once exceeding the limit, the exhaust ventilation or air purification system can be intelligently started to improve the air quality in the station and subway.Therefore, PM2.5 sensor is also very important in environmental control system.

LUFTMY recommends the USE of THE LD16 laser PM2.5 sensor module in the environmental control system, which adopts the MIE ball scattering principle and can detect particles with diameters ranging from 0.1 to 10 m.

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