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Research and development trend of laser weapon protection

Update: 2019-08-15 15:44 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

Laser weapon is based on laser technology, which uses high-energy laser to shoot accurately at long-range targets or to defend against missiles, etc. It has such outstanding characteristics as rapidity, sensitivity, precision and anti-electromagnetic interference.

The laser weapon is a directed hard killing weapon that uses a laser beam with a wavelength of 1.06~10.6 m (mainly 2.7 m and 3.8 m) and a continuous power of 1~10MW to destroy or disable the target.However, laser weapons also have their drawbacks, one is that they can not fight all-weather, the other is limited by bad weather and atmospheric fluctuations.

Laser weapon

Therefore, laser weapon protection has been the focus of research in recent years. The following are the types of laser weapon protection technologies:

1.Laser protection based on linear optics

This laser protection technology is only sensitive to the wavelength of light, not to the intensity of light, not only to prevent the destruction of strong wavelength laser, but also to prevent the absorption of weak light wavelength.

2.Laser protection based on nonlinear optics

This kind of protection mainly uses nonlinear optical effects, including nonlinear absorption, nonlinear refraction, nonlinear scattering and nonlinear reflection. The key protection requirements are as follows: first, the third-order nonlinear optical coefficient should be large; second, the nonlinear response time should be fast; third, the anti-laser damage threshold should be high; fourth, the physical and chemical properties should be stable.

Linear laser principle

3. Laser protection based on phase transition principle

The purpose of stopping laser is mainly to use vanadium dioxide film and other materials to absorb energy and produce phase transition. Because the interaction between laser and material is primarily thermal effect, the protection of strong laser can be realized by using the thermally induced phase transition mechanism of some materials.

However, it requires certain conditions to realize these three protective measures, such as accurate incident Angle, high damage threshold, strong thermal shock protection ability of optical materials, and reaction speed of thermal effect. Therefore, the protection of weapons based on laser technology should adopt new technology and new materials constantly, and ensure both detection wavelength and protection wavelength.

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