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What are the components of the dust monitoring system?

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Dust monitoring system is often installed in construction sites, tourist attractions, large shopping malls, parks, schools, residential areas and other places. It can achieve real-time data monitoring, including dust concentration, noise index, weather and so on within the environmental scope.When the dust monitoring system is working, it will automatically collect some data that exceeds the standard and has the automatic alarm function. It can check the detection data on multiple terminal devices such as mobile phones and computers and control the changes of the environment at any time.What are the components of the dust monitoring system?

Dust on-line monitoring system is mainly composed of dust monitoring unit, the noise monitoring unit, meteorological monitoring unit, data acquisition processing unit, data transmission unit, LED display unit, solar power supply unit, video characters superimposed and other components of the unit, the hardware part is mainly composed of stents, stud, LED screen, host, electric cabinet, screen, and other components of the sensor, the sensor includes wind speed sensor, the direction of the wind sensor, temperature and humidity sensors, sensor noise, PM2.5 sensor etc.Through this system, the monitoring, display, data uploading and video superposition functions of the site environment parameters are realized, and the government monitoring platform is perfectly connected, thus realizing the 24-hour supervision of the site environment parameters.

1. Dust monitoring unit

Continuous automatic monitoring of dust, dust collection data every minute, and real-time uploaded to the server for background program statistics and analysis.Dust monitoring includes two parameters, PM10 and PM2.5, and simultaneously upload real-time data centers and monitoring platforms.

LUFTMY recommends the laser dust sensor module, which is embedded in the dust monitoring system to monitor dust data in real time, and adopts the Mie spherical particle scattering principle for high-precision measurement.

LD12 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model
LD12 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

2. Noise monitoring unit

Some dust monitoring systems also provide all-weather outdoor noise acquisition sensing unit, which provides reliable guarantee for the outdoor monitoring safety and data accuracy of the sensor.

3. Meteorological monitoring unit

The dust monitoring system is equipped with the monitoring of environmental parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity to provide meteorological parameter guarantee for the later analysis of dust and noise monitoring data.Especially through the wind direction to the dust movement trend to do scientific prediction and alarm;The monitoring data of dust and noise are corrected scientifically under different meteorological conditions.

4. Data acquisition and processing unit

The unit is the center of the whole system, and it can distinguish, check and store the monitoring data collected.The collected monitoring data shall be analyzed and processed according to the statistical requirements, and the processed data shall be reported to the cloud platform, and the localized display of parameters shall be controlled to realize the fusion of environmental parameters and video surveillance images.

5. LED display unit

The real-time monitoring data can be displayed on site to warn construction units and urban residents.Provide data support for self-examination and self-control of construction units and urban residents.

As people pay more attention to the environment, more and more places have installed dust monitoring system and other air quality monitoring equipment to monitor and manage the surrounding environment.

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