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Where are environmental monitoring sensors used

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Environmental monitoring sensors are not new to us. PM2.5, temperature and humidity displayed on the screens of indoor and outdoor places such as libraries, cinemas and parks are detected by environmental monitoring sensors.There are many kinds of environmental monitoring sensors, such as PM2.5 dust sensor, VOC concentration sensor, CARBON dioxide sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, etc. These sensor modules are integrated into the environmental monitoring equipment to output values. The following is a brief description of where environmental monitoring sensors are used.

laser DUST sensor model

The first category is the analyzer sensors, mainly used in environmental monitoring stations, environmental testing or measurement calibration institutions, scientific research institutes and other instruments, characterized by high precision, large volume, expensive, the field of foreign brands occupy the mainstream market.

The second category is industrial environmental monitoring sensors, including indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring at the work site. According to the different environment at the work site, organic steam, combustible gas and other flammable, explosive or toxic and harmful gases are monitored indoors.Outdoor monitoring of VOC concentration, specific ammonia, benzene, toluene and other pollutants.At present, domestic and imported products in this field account for half.

The third category is the civil environmental monitoring sensor, mainly used in the indoor and outdoor residential or shopping malls, stations, airports, schools, roads and other common commercial places.The field has grown rapidly in recent years as people pay more attention to respiratory health.

At present, the main demands of the civil sector are to realize the function of measuring particle size (PM2.5) and monitoring natural gas and gas.The pm2.5 particulate matter sensor module recommended by Lovemay is small in size and can be widely used in air purifiers, fresh air systems, detectors and other detection equipment to measure the concentration of particulate matter.Moreover, the laser-type PM2.5 sensor module has high measurement accuracy and strong anti-interference ability, which can output the particulate matter concentration data efficiently and timely.

laser DUST sensor model
laser DUST sensor model


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