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Air quality sensors can make places healthier

Update: 2020-06-04 16:07 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

When a series of natural factors and human factors in air quality is getting worse, in addition to fundamentally control pollutant release, the air quality control, many places will use air monitoring equipment for some regional air quality indicators to monitor and use of air purification equipment to purify the air, reduce the possibility of people suffering from related diseases.Air quality sensors are the core components of air monitoring equipment. Which places can they make healthier?

Air quality sensors can make places healthier
Air quality sensors can make places healthier

Office building, business center

Foreign companies are an early adopter of the air monitoring and control philosophy.This is due to their early knowledge of the dangers of indoor air pollution and the benefits of improving the air.Because the previous domestic research on air quality was later than that of foreign developed countries.However, after experiencing the epidemic, more well-known domestic enterprises, companies and brand owners have gradually realized the importance of air management and are willing to try to introduce air monitoring equipment and smart air system.

In public places

Airports, train stations, museums, etc. In more developed cities, air monitoring equipment has been introduced early to manage air quality in specific areas.For example, in the public toilets of these places, you will often see a large display display showing PM2.5, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), ammonia gas (NH3), formaldehyde, carbon dioxide (CO2), volatile organic compounds (VOC) and other values, which are collected by the air quality sensor and then transmitted to the visual platform.While giving people a sense of health security, it also increases people's satisfaction from the side, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.And recently, some stations, command centers, hospitals and so on have begun to try in this respect.

Brand hotel

Some brand hotels are the early introduction of air monitoring equipment users.Even some hotels are characterized by "pure air room" or "smog-free room". Good air has become a major selling point of hotels, retaining a part of high net worth people and allergic people.The hotel industry has been hit hard by the outbreak.At this early stage of the recovery, will good air quality be the decisive factor for tenants?Therefore attracted more brands to join the ranks of the hotel to try.

High-grade residential

There are few cases of high-end residential buildings and villas introducing air quality sensors before the epidemic.But after the same outbreak, more real estate developers began to contact environmental data service providers.We hope to find a more cost-effective and effective smart air housing solution with our cooperation.Create a healthier living and leisure environment for more high net worth people.

In addition, with people's attention to air quality, places such as nursing centers, confinement clubs and gyms will gradually introduce air quality monitoring equipment to improve air quality and create a comfortable environment.

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