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Do you know about sensors in life?

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With the development of The Times, intelligent technology has been deeply into our lives, from the control of the entire building system to a small access card all reflect the era of intelligence.And inside these systems and tools is an important component: sensors.A device or device that senses various quantities being measured and converts them into useful signals on a regular basis.Sensors are everywhere in our lives, you know?

Do you know about sensors in life

Alcohol test:

Motor vehicle drivers driving under the influence of alcohol are prone to traffic accidents and seriously endanger traffic safety and personal safety.How can you judge a driver for drunk driving?After drinking, the alcohol is absorbed through the digestive system and circulates through the bloodstream, so measuring the amount of alcohol in the breath can help determine how much you drink.The alcohol sensor with high sensitivity to low concentration has been made in China.Using such alcohol sensors, traffic police can quickly detect whether a motorist is driving under the influence.

Temperature sensor:

Temperature sensors measure temperature values from materials that are highly sensitive to temperature changes and convert them into output signals.According to the material difference can be distinguished as: thermistor sensor, platinum temperature resistance sensor, thermocouple sensor, etc.Temperature sensors are widely used in the following fields: smart bracelet, smart home sensor control device, machine, automobile, weather, construction, etc.

Access door:

When people approach, the infrared microwave sensor that recognizes the human body is transmitted to the driving system to open the door, and then automatically close the door after the person leaves.The sensor is the eye of the automatic door control system, which senses the antenna to the pedestrian or moving object through the sensor.This signal will be converted into passive dry contact short circuit signal transmission to the automatic door controller, so as to realize the automatic door open.Sensor has accurate, sensitive, durable characteristics, to achieve automatic monitoring and control the automatic door of the first link, so widely used in the automatic door.

Water level monitoring alarm:

Every place, will set up water level monitoring alarm, in the event of heavy rain or flood, if the water level exceeds the standard number, the alarm will sound, to tell you there is a threat, let you evacuate to a safe area.The water level alarm sensor USES a solid state sensor to detect the presence of conductive liquids, such as water overflow, water container level, drain tank, etc.There are many examples of sensors being used in modern life, such as gas alarm, infrared alarm, etc.

GDS06 Infrared PM2.5 Sensor Model
GDS06 Infrared PM2.5 Sensor Model

Smoke alarm:

In addition to a burning fire, a fire is usually accompanied by thick smoke.Smoke alarms work by detecting the concentration of smoke in the air through an internal dust sensor, thereby giving early warning of a fire.The smoke we see in our lives is actually tiny solid particles floating in the air.Smoke alarm can use the GDS06 infrared particulate matter sensor of LUFTMY, its small size, high cost performance, embedded in the smoke alarm can be sensitive to detect the concentration of particulate matter, once the occurrence of danger can alert people in time.

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