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Application of PM2.5 sensor in electric vehicle

Update: 2020-05-29 15:01 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

The battery car has the advantages of convenience, speed, environmental protection and so on, which is very advantageous for some short distance travel.But in recent years, haze, catkins and other environmental problems frequently appear, if the choice of electric vehicles in bad weather will undoubtedly cause harm to people's health.In order to provide air quality information for people who ride on battery cars, avoid or protect themselves in a timely manner, I suddenly wondered if it would be feasible to carry PM2.5 sensors on battery cars.

Application of PM2.5 sensor in electric vehicle

The advantages of carrying PM2.5 sensors on electric cars

1. Comparison with private cars: in recent years, middle and high-end private cars have been paying considerable attention to the air quality inside.Some luxury models are equipped with online air quality monitoring and governance systems, and in-car air quality has become one of the key factors that define a good car.Of course, as electric cars and private cars are not comparable in cost, but the expectation of maintaining the health of the users should be the same.

2. Comparison with bicycle: compared with bicycle, battery car has absolute advantages in realizing this concept.The battery in the battery car can supply enough power for the PM2.5 sensor to make it work properly.This makes it possible to embed PM2.5 sensors in the cars.

3. Cost factor: currently, the PM2.5 sensor is not very expensive, which provides the premise for a large number of applications.In the luxury model priced at 4,000 to 5,000 yuan, if the fog and haze warning function can be included, it will undoubtedly be a kind of improvement to the quality of the battery car.

Application of PM2.5 sensor in electric vehicle

1. Numerical reminder: when the battery car is started, the PM2.5 sensor will start to work.It will display the PM2.5 status of the road.Cyclists can choose whether or not to wear protective masks based on the specific condition of PM2.5.When the PM2.5 index is good, you don't need to wear it.

2. Route planning: for office workers who use battery cars, it is possible to plan a route to work without PM2.5.Can actively stay away from high PM2.5 road sections, such as traffic trunk roads, construction sites, etc.This allows you to commute with relative ease.

3. Emergency response: for large-scale haze weather, it is undoubtedly more direct for the PM2.5 sensor to give a hint of extraordinary or excessively high concentration.This makes cyclists need to consider whether to continue to travel in such a severe haze, and whether to take measures such as entering the indoor shelter.To know that in the hands of the heavy haze weather, not only respiratory health, traffic safety more need to pay attention to.

The use of PM2.5 sensors in electric cars is only in the conceptual stage, but it may become possible as people pay more attention to respiratory health.The PM2.5 sensor modules produced and developed by lovemai are divided into laser type and infrared type, which have the advantages of small size, anti-interference, long life and high precision. If you want to know the detailed parameters of the product, you can contact customer service.

PM 2.5 sensor
PM 2.5 sensor

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