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The role of LD11 dust particle sensor in air quality monitoring

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With the continuous development of the economy, more and more rural areas are gradually urbanized, with less and less green plants, as well as a large amount of industrial production and more vehicles.As a result, air pollution and environmental problems are becoming more and more serious.Many air pollutants can cause great harm to human body in a short time, for example, dust particles in the air can cause damage to human lungs in a short time.In order to strengthen the prevention and control, many indoor and outdoor measures will be taken to monitor the air quality, among which the dust particle sensor is an essential component in the air quality monitoring.

The role of LD11 dust particle sensor in air quality monitoring

Sources of pollutants in the air

Urban environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, and the destruction of living environment leads to an increasing number of respiratory diseases.There are many kinds of indoor air pollutants, including physical pollution, chemical pollution, biological pollution and radioactive pollution.The main sources of pollutants causing air pollution are as follows:

1. Dust and other dust particles.They usually come from smoking, vehicle emissions, industrial production and secondary dust from construction sites.

2. Chemical pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide.Harmful chemical pollutants in the air are mainly soot from burning coal and exhaust fumes from cars.

3. Microbial pollutants.Such as the well-known SARS and this year's coronavirus.

The role of LD11 dust particle sensor in air quality monitoring

In recent years, with the continuous strengthening of China's environmental protection and ecological civilization construction, air quality has been effectively improved, and more and more sensors have been used to monitor air quality.People began to pay more attention to indoor air quality.Air quality and air pollution put forward higher requirements for air quality sensor monitoring.LUFTMY LD11 dust particle sensor is a laser-type PM2.5 dust sensor, which can be embedded in the air quality monitoring equipment to output dust concentration data in real time. It has the advantages of small size, high precision, long life and wide application range.

LD11 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model
LD11 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

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