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The application of gas sensor is briefly described

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Gas sensor is a kind of converting the information such as the composition, concentration of the gas can be personnel, instruments and meters, using the information, such as computers, electronic components, common gas sensors include: semiconductor gas sensors, electrochemical gas sensors, catalytic combustion type gas sensor, thermal conductivity type gas sensors, infrared sensors, solid electrolyte gas sensor, etc.Nowadays, gas sensors have been widely used in various fields. The following is a brief introduction of some applications of gas sensors.

The application of gas sensor is briefly described
The application of gas sensor is briefly described

Application of gas sensors in civil applications

At present, civil applications are the main applications of semiconductor metal oxide gas sensors.This is mainly because the semiconductor metal oxide gas sensor is cheap, its performance can meet the requirements of home alarm.

Specifically, the application of gas sensor in civil occasions is mainly reflected in: in the kitchen, detect the leakage of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, city gas and other civil gases, and automatically control the microwave cooking food by detecting the gas generated when cooking food in the microwave oven;Carbon dioxide sensors, smoke sensors, dust sensors and ozone sensors are used in houses, buildings, meeting rooms and public entertainment places to control the automatic operation of air purifiers or electric fans.In some high-rise buildings, gas sensors can also be used to detect fire signals and alarms.

Application of gas sensors in industrial applications

In industrial occasions, gas sensors are mainly used in petrochemical industry.Some carbon dioxide sensors, ammonia sensors, nitric oxide sensors can be used to detect harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, chlorine and so on in specific applications.In addition, it can be used to detect toxic gases such as organic solvents and phosphine in the semiconductor and microelectronics industries.In the power industry, hydrogen sensors can detect hydrogen produced in the oil degradation process of power transformers.In the food industry, gas sensors can also detect the freshness of perishable foods such as meat.In the automobile and furnace industries, there is also a wide demand for road traffic to detect the oxygen in the exhaust gas and to detect the concentration of ethanol in the driver's breath.

LD13 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model
LD13 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

Application of gas sensors in environmental monitoring

Of course, in the environmental monitoring environment closest to life, gas sensors are indispensable.For example, sensors are used to detect nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, hydrogen chloride and other gases that cause acid rain.Carbon dioxide sensor, ozone sensor, freon, etc.There are also lefmai's PM2.5 dust sensors for measuring the concentration of dust particles in the environment.It is believed that in the future, after further modification, the application scope of gas sensor will be more and more extensive.We will also see more applications for gas sensors.

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