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Application of air quality sensor in healthy household

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The quality of all indoor environments is closely related to health.Modern people live and work in the indoor environment for 80 to 90 percent of the time has reached the whole day, and the indoor air pollution exposure time is much longer than the indoor, so the quality of the indoor environment directly affects people's health.Some studies show that indoors is not a safe place, and sometimes the pollution is even worse.A person needs 1kg of food and 2kg of drinking water every day, but it takes 10kg of air.Indoor air quality (IAQ) is particularly important for people's health protection, comfort, and work and study efficiency.Therefore, it is necessary to create a clean, healthy and comfortable home environment.

Application of air quality sensor in healthy household

A major source of indoor air pollution

1, emulsioni paint, not environmental protection emulsioni paint, or environmental protection grade is not enough emulsioni paint, can contain formaldehyde and VOC;

2, woodiness furniture brushes lacquer, wait for woodiness such as bed, chest, ambry, shoe ark, TV ark, tea table, mensal, need to brush lacquer, or more or less contain volatile the thing that stimulates odour, wait for VOC such as formaldehyde.

3, poor quality of plastic and rubber products, such as PVC pipe, rubber hose, material poor will contain irritant volatile gas.

4, curtain, cloth art, the goods that buys newly also can contain part pungent odour in processing process.

5, household waste produced by ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, smoke and other odor.

air purifier sensor
air purifier sensor

Application of air quality sensor in healthy household

In order to keep the indoor air fresh, attention should be paid to indoor ventilation and regularly open Windows every day.Also should pay attention to indoor environment purification, such as the placement of activated carbon or green plants.Especially when the house is newly decorated or newly furnished, should confirm whether the indoor air quality conforms to the healthy living standard.If conditions permit, it is recommended to install an air purifier and a fresh air system to clean the indoor air.

In air purifier, the fresh air in the system the most core is the air quality sensor, it is important to the quality of the air quality, price, at this point,Luftmy recommended - laser dust sensor series of indoor air quality sensor, the sensor has good sensitivity to the particulate matter, and the specific volume is small, long service life, price is low wait for an advantage, very suitable for fresh air system and air purifier.

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