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What is the difference between PM2.5 sensor and smoke sensor?

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Pm2.5 sensors and smoke sensors are widely used in daily life. One common feature of them is that they both detect solid particles, so some people confuse the two.In fact, there are some differences between the pm2.5 sensor and the smoke sensor. The following two aspects are analyzed by the small series of lefemeier.

What is the difference between PM2.5 sensor and smoke sensor-Luftmy

Different measurement parameters

The PM2.5 sensor monitors particles with aerodynamic equivalent diameter less than or equal to 2.5 microns, also known as fine particles. Generally, it adopts the principle of laser scattering and is quite sensitive to particles in the air.The smoke alarm is for high concentration of total particles, generally using the infrared light principle, the resolution requirements are not high, low concentration of particles is not sensitive, generally when encountered with large particles, high concentration of the environment (smoke particles concentration quickly reached the order of mg/m3) to play a good role.Therefore, there are obvious differences in the pertinence of monitoring parameters.

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Application of different

PM2.5 sensors are used more for health reasons, while smoke sensors are used for fire safety reasons.

Currently, PM2.5 sensors are widely used in atmospheric environment monitoring, indoor air quality monitoring and in-car air quality monitoring, all of which are used to monitor the presence of particulate pollutants in the air.Because after entering the human body, PM2.5 will directly enter the alveoli and have an impact on human health.

Smoke sensors are more widely used in fire when there is a large amount of smoke, and under normal circumstances smoke-free places, such as homes, factories, office buildings, hospitals, schools, museums and other important fire prevention places, play the role of fire early warning, reduce the life safety and property loss caused by fire.

PM2.5 sensor and smoke sensor are different in measuring parameters and application fields. However, with the improvement of people's requirements for fire and security, a new solution is to use PM2.5 sensor and smoke alarm together and integrate them into the device terminal.In this way, the two sensors can learn from each other and play their due utility.

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