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Operating principle and precautions of dust detector

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According to the international organization for standardization, suspended solids with particle size less than 75 m are defined as dust.When too much dust in the environment not only affect human health, can also cause haze weather in cities, especially in the industrial production process if too much dust will affect the product quality, to discharge in the atmosphere will cause air pollution in cities caused a vicious cycle, so we need dust detector to detect dust concentration, to strengthen the control of dust.

The working principle of dust detector-Luftmy

The working principle of dust detector

How does the dust detector work?Start with its core components, the dust sensors, like Luftmy's laser dust sensor, which scatters light when a laser strikes particles suspended in the air.Under the condition of a certain particle property, the scattered light intensity of the particle is directly proportional to its mass concentration. By measuring the scattered light intensity and applying the mass concentration conversion coefficient K value, the mass concentration of the particle is obtained, and the dust concentration value is finally obtained.

Notes for use of dust detector-Luftmy

Notes for dust detector

(1) the dust detector is prohibited to be used in the environment with high dust concentration, the environment containing water vapor, oil and corrosive substances, and the environment with high temperature.

(2) it shall be operated under the condition of no pressure difference or temperature difference between the sampling port and the working position of the instrument.

(3) the power plug socket must be in reliable contact.

(4) avoid vibration and impact when dust detector is moved.

With the country's strengthening of the control and management of environmental dust, the use of dust detector is also more and more extensive, in order to better use of dust detector, everyone should understand the working principle of dust detector and use precautions.

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