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What is the use of dust sensors in urban air treatment?

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In recent years, air pollution in cities has seriously affected people's life, not only the living experience is poor, if no measures are taken, it even affects people's health.In order to have a good living environment with good air, various concentrations in the air will be monitored by the air quality monitor in urban air governance to formulate improvement measures.

What is the use of dust sensors in urban air treatment

Dust pollution is one of the main problems of air pollution. Dust refers to a kind of solid particles suspended in the air for a long time, which can be classified according to physical and chemical properties, chemical composition and other standards.Dust size is often used as a classification criterion.Particles with particle size larger than 10 microns will quickly fall into the dust due to their own gravity deposition and become dust.Particles of particle size less than 10um have a small specific gravity in the air and a long suspension time, which is also called suspended dust in environmental science.However, pm2.5 is a fine particle smaller than pm10, with a particle size of 2.5um or smaller, also known as human lung particles, which are more harmful to the human body.

Industrial dust, coal-burning dust, vehicle exhaust dust and construction dust are the main sources of dust pollution in cities. The urbanization process is bound to be accompanied by the increase of energy demand for industrial development, which indicates that dust pollution control in cities is under greater pressure in the urbanization process.In particular, the rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles makes the proportion of dust in vehicle exhaust in urban dust pollution is increasing.Vehicle owners are both victims and responsible for pollution, making it harder to control dust pollution in cities.

Luftmy laser dust sensor

In order to accurately understand the dust concentration data in the air in the urban air treatment, we can use a high-precision dust sensor.The laser dust sensor produced and developed by Luftmy can be installed on the relevant equipment of air quality monitoring, and can detect dust particles with particle size range of 0.1 ~ 10 m through the MIE spherical scattering principle. This kind of dust particle sensor has strong anti-interference ability and high consistency, and the average trouble-free time can be more than 5 years.In urban air treatment, dust concentration data provided by dust sensors can be used for air treatment.

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