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PM2.5 sensor module selection and application

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Due to the industrial development and urban vehicle emissions of air quality is getting worse, "PM2.5" aroused people's concern, the PM is particulate matter, say again PM2.5 fine grained, and fine particulate matter.It hangs in the air, and the higher the concentration, the worse the air quality.In order to timely obtain the concentration of PM2.5 in the air, PM2.5 sensor module is installed in the environmental monitoring equipment. The following is the selection and application of PM2.5 sensor module.

Laser pm2.5 sensor module

Laser pm2.5 sensor module

Choice of pm2.5 sensor module

Because PM2.5 become hot spot, many companies see the PM2.5 governance is big business, so can appear on the market a lot of PM2.5 measurement sensors or module, from the product name, and PM2.5 hang the bait, in order to attract eyeball, but as a product developer, should be carefully screened according to their own product positioning and demand, choose to suit oneself product sensor/modules.

Pm2.5 sensor module is generally divided into laser pm2.5 sensor module and pm2.5 infrared sensor module, laser pm2.5 sensor module using Mie Mie spherical particle scattering principle, can detect the grain of the range of 0.1 ~ 10 microns diameter particles, the applicable scope is wide, no need to air duct design, compatible with multi-protocol output, is a kind of high precision of pm2.5 sensor module.

However, the infrared pm2.5 sensor module is based on the dispersion principle of light. The light emitted by the infrared light-emitting diode encounters dust and produces reflected light. The highly sensitive photoelectric receiving sensor detects the light intensity of reflected light and outputs the signal.Compared with the laser particle sensor, it can only detect particles with a diameter of 0.5 m or more, but the price of the infrared pm2.5 sensor module is half that of the laser sensor module.For devices with low particle detection accuracy, the infrared pm2.5 sensor module is a high cost performance particulate sensor module.

Infrared pm2.5 sensor module
Infrared pm2.5 sensor module

Application of pm2.5 sensor module

Pm2.5 sensor module can be applied in air purifier, air conditioner, Pm2.5 detector, range hood, smoke alarm, fresh air system, special Pm2.5 sensor, air detector and other equipment.Provide pm2.5 concentration data in a timely manner. The main infrared pm2.5 sensor and laser pm2.5 sensor series of Luftmy have different models for product manufacturers to choose from.If you want to know the solution of pm2.5 sensor module, please contact customer service.

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