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Laser particulate sensors monitor ambient air quality in the machine room

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The enterprise machine room database is called the lifeline of the enterprise, which is related to the information and operation process of each department. In order to ensure the normal operation of the data center, it is particularly important to monitor the air quality of the machine room environment.Particulate matter and corrosive gases are the biggest factors affecting the environment of the machine room.

Laser particulate sensors monitor ambient air quality in the machine room

Corrosive gas

Corrosive gases may be present in the ambient air when the plant rooms are built in cities with poor environmental conditions, or near chemical plants, transportation routes, or heavily polluted areas.These corrosive gases include sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOX), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), etc.

When corrosive gases enter the equipment, they can affect the insulation resistance of the equipment and seriously cause short circuit of the equipment.In this kind of environment for a long time, it will also cause bad effects on distribution frame ports, chassis, etc.In the case of high humidity in the machine room, the corrosion of equipment and components will be more serious, prone to the occurrence of bad heat dissipation, short circuit and other conditions.

Therefore, the layout of the new generation of computer room environment monitoring system will not only meet the original construction standards, but also pay special attention to the air quality in the computer room due to the maintenance requirements of the equipment.If we can monitor and control the air quality in the machine room, it will undoubtedly reduce the maintenance cost of the machine room and make the equipment in the machine room more durable, durable and efficient.

Particulate matter

Open a machine room equipment, we will usually find a large amount of dust in the equipment, and this dust is suspended in the air particles gathered.When the machine room equipment has a fan, the particles are sucked into the equipment.Although there is a dust screen blocking, but the accumulation of time will still appear a thick layer of dust, the equipment in the machine room.

When the dust screen of the equipment in the machine room is blocked, the performance of the radiator will be reduced, and the temperature of the components in the equipment will rise accordingly.A long time in this case, will reduce the life of the components.Severe failure or damage to equipment due to overheating may result in increased maintenance costs.

When particulate matter in the air is combined with moist air, it will affect the insulation performance of components and circuits, thus improving the failure rate of equipment, reducing the service life of equipment and increasing the maintenance cost.

LD13 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model
LD13 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

In order to prevent the excessive concentration of particulate matter in the machine room environment from affecting the equipment, Luftmy recommends this LD13 laser particulate matter sensor, which can be embedded in the monitoring equipment of the machine room environment to provide timely and accurate particulate concentration data.Its using Mie Mie spherical particle scattering principle, namely the laser sensor using laser the light scattering in the suspended particles in the air, the photoelectric detector in a certain way within the scope of collecting scattering intensity, will receive the scattering intensity linear converted into voltage, and then into a data processing system, data processing system according to the program in advance according to the Mie scattering theory for data processing, it is concluded that the equivalent grain size of particles of different size particles per unit volume and quantity.

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