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Which is good for high precision laser sensor?

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Laser sensor is the use of laser technology to measure the sensor, laser sensor is a new type of measuring instrument, its advantages are to achieve non-contact distance measurement, fast, high precision, large range, anti - light, electrical interference and so on.At present in a lot of fields have the figure of laser sensor, high precision laser sensor which good?
dust sensor module
dust sensor module

How laser sensors work

When the laser sensor is working, laser pulses are first fired at the target by a laser emitting diode.The laser scatters in all directions after being reflected by the target.Part of the scattered light is returned to the sensor receiver, which is received by the optical system and imaged to the avalanche photodiode.An avalanche photodiode is an optical sensor with an internal amplification function, so it can detect extremely weak light signals and convert them into corresponding electrical signals.

Laser sensor classification

Laser sensors can be divided into four types according to working substances.

Solid laser sensor: its working material is solid.Commonly used ruby laser, neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser (YAG laser) and neodymium glass laser.Their structure is roughly the same, characterized by small and strong, high power, neodymium glass laser pulse output power is the highest device, has reached tens of megawatts.

Gas laser sensor: it works as a gas.There are various kinds of gas atom, ion, metal vapor, gas molecule laser sensors.Commonly used pm2.5 laser sensor, carbon dioxide laser sensor, helium-neon laser sensor and carbon monoxide laser sensor, its shape is like a common discharge tube, characterized by stable output, good monochrome, long life, but small power, low conversion efficiency.

Liquid laser sensor: it can be divided into chelate laser, inorganic liquid laser and organic dye laser, among which the most important is the organic dye laser, its biggest characteristic is continuous wavelength adjustable.

Semiconductor laser sensor: it is a younger laser sensor, among which the more mature is gallium arsenide laser.Characterized by high efficiency, small size, light weight, simple structure, suitable for aircraft, warships, tanks and infantry carry.It can be made into rangefinders and sights.However, the output power is small, the directivity is poor and the influence of ambient temperature is great.
luftmy laser sensor
luftmy laser sensor
High precision laser sensor which is good

Laser sensor compared with infrared sensor its most prominent advantage is high precision, high precision laser sensor which good?The laser dust sensor is a high-precision particle concentration sensor based on the laser mimie scattering theory. The laser mimie spherical scattering principle is combined with the leftmann space measurement patent to achieve accurate measurement.Zero error alarm rate;Real-time response and support for continuous collection;The minimum resolution particle size was 0.1m.Six-sided omni-directional shielding combined with software anti-interference algorithm, the anti-interference performance is stronger;Luftmy has its own r & d team and production line, in product control and quality has a prominent advantage, want to obtain product specifications and solutions can contact customer service oh.

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