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Application of gas sensors in various fields

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A gas sensor is a converter that converts a gas volume fraction into a corresponding electrical signal.The probe is conditioned on the gas sample by a gas sensor, usually including the removal of impurities and interfering gas, drying or cooling treatment instrument display.Gas sensors have applications in all fields. Let's take a look.

Application of gas sensors in various fields

Sensor for analyzer

This kind of gas sensor is mainly used in environmental monitoring stations, environmental protection detection or measurement calibration institutions, scientific research institutes and other instruments, characterized by high precision, large size, expensive, the field of foreign brands occupy the mainstream market.

Environmental monitoring sensors for industrial use

It includes indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring at the operation site, and indoor monitoring of inflammable, explosive or poisonous gases such as organic steam and combustible gases according to the different environment of the operation site;Outdoor emission VOC concentration is mainly monitored, specifically ammonia, benzene, toluene and other pollutants.At present, the field of domestic and imported gas sensors accounted for half.

Luftmy laser dust sensor

Civil environmental monitoring sensors

It is mainly used for indoor and outdoor residential homes or ordinary commercial places such as shopping malls, stations, airports, schools and roads.With the attention paid to respiratory health in recent years, the field is developing rapidly.

At present, the main demand of the civil field is to achieve the measurement of particle size, mainly PM2.5 and other pollutant measurement function, and the monitoring of natural gas and gas, while formaldehyde and indoor organic gaseous substances TVOC monitoring has not been widely used.Currently, the PM2.5 sensors developed and produced by luftmy are mainly infrared sensors and laser sensors. The infrared particle sensor has the ability to resist dust accumulation and anti-interference, and it is cost-effective and can replace the laser particle sensor at a low cost.However, the laser PM2.5 sensor has high accuracy, with the detection range of particle size up to 0.1~10 m. Both of them can be embedded in related instruments to provide timely and accurate concentration data.Please contact customer service for detailed product specifications.

Online application

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