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Application of various sensors in metro environment control system

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In big cities, subway is one of the important transportation means for people to travel. Because of its efficiency and environmental protection, people prefer to take subway.Subway is usually underground, there are many environmental problems to be considered, such as air quality, temperature and humidity, the environmental control system is particularly important.Environment control system and there are many sensors, the following small make up to tell you about the application of various sensors in the subway environment control system.

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Application of temperature and humidity sensor in subway environment

Subway passenger flow, the need for new air volume changes greatly.Therefore, the air conditioning load of the subway varies greatly, so the realization of energy saving must rely on the means of automatic control.To this end, indoor temperature and humidity sensors can be installed in the station hall, platform area, subway, important equipment room and other occasions, so as to monitor the real-time temperature and humidity of the station.According to these parameters, the metro environmental control system can make reasonable adjustments to the operating conditions of each system in order to keep these places in a relatively comfortable environment.In addition, it can be shown to passengers on the screen to let them know the temperature and humidity of the current environment.

Application of carbon dioxide sensors in metro environment

In the station, the concentration of carbon dioxide increases as a result of human breathing. When the concentration of carbon dioxide is at a higher level, the current station air quality poses a threat to the health of passengers.Therefore, the metro environmental control system can timely adjust the working conditions of the public area of the station according to the data collected by the co2 sensor, so as to ensure the good air quality of the station.People won't because stream of people is too big again anoxic giddy feeling.

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pm2.5 sensor

Application of PM2.5 sensor in metro environment

Usually indoor PM2.5 pollution is also very serious, especially when there are many people, but it can't be seen, we can't understand its specific situation, but it is very harmful to human body.With the development of PM2.5 sensors, people can have a more intuitive view of PM2.5 in the subway.At the same time, the metro environmental control system can also monitor these parameters at any time. Once the standard is exceeded, the exhaust ventilation and air purification system can be started intelligently to improve the air quality in the station and subway.

LUFTMY PM2.5 sensor has the infrared sensor and laser sensor, can be installed in the fresh air system, air purifier and other environment control system detects PM2.5 values, including laser dust sensor using Mie Mie spherical particle scattering principle into a data processing system, data processing system according to the program in advance according to the Mie scattering theory for data processing, it is concluded that the equivalent grain size of particles of different size particles per unit volume and quantity.It has high sensitivity, long life and can respond in real time to support continuous collection.Please contact customer service for detailed product specifications.

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