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What effect does the dust sensor have inside the car?

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Common dust sensors are used in air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, sweeping robots and other equipment. With the release of China's in-car air quality standard "air quality evaluation guidelines for passenger vehicles", people's attention to the in-car air quality has also been paid much attention.Many cars are now equipped with intelligent air purification systems, and the dust sensor is one of the more important accessories, what role does the dust sensor have?

LD09 laser dust sensor-luftmy

In-car air pollution source

Air pollution in the car mainly has a few sources of pollution, pollution sources one, indoor air circulation produced by smoke, dust, as well as the car toys cushion produced by suspended matter pollution;Pollution source 2, the poisonous gas that contains in vehicle adornment material, basically include benzene, formaldehyde, acetone, xylene to wait.

Dust sensor inside the car

In addition to the frequent cleaning and opening of Windows, smart air purification systems have been installed in some new cars.The intelligent air purification system consists of an air purifier, a dust sensor and other gas detection sensors, and a control system.Air purifier can absorb, decompose or transform all kinds of air pollutants (dust, dust, formaldehyde, etc.) in the car to improve the air quality.The dust sensor is used in the air purification system in the car. The control system can intelligently adjust the air purifier by detecting the dust concentration in the car. The purifier can filter the dust in the air and keep the indoor air clean.

LD09 laser dust sensor-luftmy


LD16 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

Low research and development of dust LD16 laser sensor is a high precision based on the theory of the laser MIE MIE scattering particle concentration sensor, can continuous acquisition per unit volume and calculate the number of different particle sizes of suspended particles in the air, the particle concentration distribution, and conversion into mass concentration, and the output in the form of general digital interface.The LD09 laser dust sensor is embedded in the intelligent air purification system in the car to provide timely and accurate concentration data.


LD16 laser dust sensor advantages:

High measurement accuracy: the highest measurement accuracy is 0.1 m

High consistency: the consistency output of the generator is less than ±8%-±10%

Zero error alarm rate: error output probability is 0

Strong anti-interference ability: circuit anti-interference + algorithm + structure shielding

Long life: average trouble-free time ≥5 years

Online application

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