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High cost performance PM2.5 sensor will become the new favorite of air purifier

Update: 2020-01-02 15:09 Source: 勒夫迈 Reading: ↻ News

The development of China's air purification industry in recent years is like a roller coaster. From 2014 to 2016, due to the increasingly serious haze and the media's constant attention, the nearly zero China's air purification market ushered in a big explosion. For a while, the supply of air purification products was in short supply. With the improvement of air quality, the air purification industry has been greatly affected, while Xiaomi has sent out dazzling sales data in this seemingly silent winter.

There is still a lot of room for improvement in the consumption level of air purification industry. Chinese consumers are in the middle state of regarding the purifier as "meeting the demand" and "improving the quality of life". Some people think that air purification products are to deal with the haze weather, while others think that air purification products are necessary to improve the quality of life. Consumers begin to have the consciousness of quality consumption, but it is not complete. After the critical point of the intermediate state, it is the potential infinite consumer market.

As far as ordinary consumers are concerned, a very intuitive feeling is the dust concentration indicated on the product. The dust concentration is detected by the built-in dust sensor of the air purifier. Therefore, the dust sensor has gradually attracted the industry's attention. The opening or mode of the air purifier is determined by the dust sensor sensing the dust concentration in the air, which is the air purifier product The most direct connection with users. Driven by the market demand, the dust sensor technology has developed rapidly. At the same time, the dust sensor market is also brilliant. New products are emerging. Infrared dust sensor and laser dust sensor. How to choose dust sensor to help air purifier products improve user experience? Today, lejmay has combed the comparison table of dust sensors, hoping to give you a reference.

Before the laser dust sensor came into the civil field, the traditional infrared dust sensor was widely used in the air purifier. However, with the development of air purifier industry, terminal customers have higher and higher requirements for accurate measurement of air quality, and laser type dust sensors are gradually adopted by air purifier manufacturers. However, the market competition is fierce, the overall price of air purifier is decreasing, and cost control has become the primary consideration of air purifier manufacturers.

For this reason, the infrared PM2.5 dust sensor hpd05 with high cost performance, which is a PM2.5 / pm10.0 sensor with years of knowledge and technology development of lejmay, adopts the principle of optical scattering, greatly improves the detection ability of ultrafine particles, and can recognize 0.3 μ m ultrafine particles as well as the laser type, but the price is more competitive than the laser, and can output pm1.0 Or the measured concentration of PM2.5, not the calculated value, with the measurement range of 0-500 μ g / m3. Multiple output modes are optional.

The dust sensor module hpd05 uses the principle of optical scattering to detect the concentration of dust in the air. The sensor has an infrared light-emitting diode and a highly sensitive photoelectric receiving sensor. The infrared light-emitting diode will produce reflected light when encountering dust. The photoelectric sensor reflects the concentration of dust in the air by detecting the intensity of the reflected light , the sensor outputs PWM signal directly, PWM width is the current concentration value. The value of dust concentration can also be output through IIC serial port signal, and the unit is UG / m3. Hpd05 has the advantages of stable detection ability, high production efficiency and dual advantages. The high precision infrared dust sensor hpd05 has the characteristics of small volume, high precision, low power consumption, short response time and stable operation under high dust concentration. The infrared particle sensor can be used in air purifier and air quality monitor.

At present, hpd05 dust sensor has been widely used by many air purifiers and PM2.5 detector manufacturers due to its high cost performance. The market response is very fierce. Let's work together to create a clean living space and improve the quality of life!

Lejmay focuses on the research, production and sales of optical particle sensor technology. Under the guidance of the corporate culture of "craftsmen build dreams", adhering to the service tenet of "customer first", through continuous technological innovation, it has applied for and obtained a number of invention patents, utility model patents, core algorithm software copyright. Lvmai high quality laser PM2.5 sensor is widely praised by the industry in measuring accuracy, stability, consistency error, anti-interference and other performance indicators.

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