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Small experts in air pollution monitoring -- PM2.5 sensor

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With regard to air quality, more and more people are paying attention to it. For example, there are PM2.5 sensors in air purifier, vehicle purifier, PM2.5 detector, gas detector, air conditioner with purification function, range hood, fresh air system, smoke alarm, sweeper, vacuum cleaner, intelligent trash can, sweeper robot, etc. it can be seen that PM2.5 sensors are everywhere. Let's talk about PM2.5 sensor, a special equipment for air pollution detection!

Air purifier
Air purifier

According to the relevant investigation, it is found that the main source of air pollution is PM2.5 particles, which may be produced by dust, exhaust gas and smoke from power plants, fires or industries.

It is well known that when the human body inhales this tiny particle, it will directly produce toxicity to the contacted tissues, and it will increase the risk of death due to heart disease in young people. What's more, PM2.5 will worsen the condition of patients with cardiopulmonary disease, leading to children or the elderly suffering from asthma and other diseases. At present, it is very important to take action to reduce air pollution effectively.

PM2.5 sensor and solution, a special equipment for air pollution detection. PM2.5 sensor, as its name implies, is a device used to detect the concentration of air dust. It is developed according to the scattering principle of light. The relative concentration of dust in the field to be measured is reflected by the relative attenuation rate of incident light through the concentration field to be measured. Then, the concentration value is measured by electrical signal conversion.

GDS06 Infrared dust sensor
GDS06 Infrared dust sensor

The infrared light particle sensor GDS06 uses the principle of optical scattering to detect the concentration of dust in the air. The sensor has a built-in infrared light-emitting diode and a highly sensitive photoelectric receiving sensor. When the infrared light-emitting diode emits light, it will produce reflected light when encountering dust. The photoelectric sensor reflects the concentration of dust in the air by detecting the intensity of the reflected light , the sensor outputs PWM signal directly, PWM width is the current concentration value.The infrared particle sensor GDS06 has the advantages of stable detection ability, high production efficiency and dual advantages.The infrared opposed particle sensor GDS06 has the characteristics of small volume, high precision, low power consumption, short response time and stable operation under high dust concentration. The air particle sensor can be used in dust particle detector, particle monitor, etc.

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