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Fresh air system with built-in dust sensor

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Due to the influence of haze, more and more fresh air purification products have entered thousands of households. Although these products are different, their principles are basically the same. Most of them filter the air through the filter screen to remove the particles in the air. The main indicators are dust, PM2.5, etc.In the fresh air purification products, the air state can be detected in real time by adding the detection sensor, and then the operation of the fresh air fan can be controlled by the detection data, so that the user can see the air quality intuitively, and at the same time, the operation of the fresh air purification equipment can be controlled scientifically and reasonably to achieve more efficient and energy-saving air purification efficiency.

Fresh air system
Fresh air system

The application of M2.5 dust detection sensor GPSM in intelligent fresh air fan. The intelligent fresh air fan is mainly composed of 2 dust detection sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, PTC heating components, main control chip, power management, WiFi module, axial-flow fan, filter screen, etc. the composition diagram of its electrical components is shown in the figure below.

The intelligent fresh air system is mainly used for indoor air purification. It mainly detects the content of particles in the air through the installation of two dust sensors at the front and rear ends of the filter screen. The main control chip controls the operation of the axial-flow fan according to the detection data of the sensor, so that the air can filter the particles in the air through the filter screen to achieve the purification operation,According to the test data of the two sensors, the filtering effect of the filter screen and the remaining service life of the filter screen are judged,At the same time, the fresh air system can upload the main parameters of the fresh air system, such as sensor detection data, fan operation status, PTC heating component status, to the cloud server through WiFi. Users can use mobile phones to realize the operation of the fresh air system and further improve the user's use experience.

In the fresh air system, the dust sensor is the key component to control the intelligent operation of the fresh air fan. It is mainly used to detect the dust content parameters in the indoor air. Therefore, the performance parameters of the sensor determine whether the air quality parameters detected by the intelligent fresh air system are accurate and whether the fresh air system can operate efficiently and energy saving;At the same time, the intelligent fresh air fan is positioned in the middle and low-end air purification products, so the cost of each component should also be considered in the selection.

HPD05 Infrared dust sensor
HPD05 Infrared dust sensor

LUFTMY PM2.5 dust detection sensor HPD05 is a kind of dust detection sensor which uses optical method to detect the dust concentration in the air. It has greatly improved the detection ability of ultra-fine particles, and can detect pm0.3 ~ pm10.0 particles.This makes it more accurate than traditional sensor in confirming PM2.5 / PM1.0 weight concentration value. Its internal detection principle is that there is an infrared light-emitting diode and a light receiving sensor in the dust sensor. The optical axis of the two intersects. When the air flow with dust passes through the intersection area of the optical axis, the dust reflects the infrared light. The reflected light intensity is directly proportional to the dust concentration.The light receiving sensor detects the infrared light emitted by the infrared diode reflected by dust, and outputs the actual measured dust concentration by PWM or UART through the signal conditioning circuit. This method is simple and reliable, and the cost is relatively low, so it is suitable for the intelligent fresh air system.

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