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How to buy a wireless vacuum cleaner?

Update: 2019-12-26 16:28 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

As one of the most efficient cleaning tools in modern life, vacuum cleaner has been gradually popularized to the family life. Among them, vacuum cleaners are the most popular with wireless handheld style. After all, they get rid of the shackles of the power cord and can easily cope with a variety of cleaning scenes. However, there are many brands of wireless vacuum cleaners on the market, and various models are constantly innovating, which is dazzling. So how to choose a vacuum cleaner?

Wireless vacuum cleaner
Wireless vacuum cleaner

1. Look at the power. No matter what kind of vacuum cleaner it is, there is a general indicator when testing the quality, that is, the power. Generally speaking, the higher the power of the vacuum cleaner, the greater the suction. However, when the power increases, it may also cause noise problems, so when purchasing, you should choose products with guaranteed quality.

2. Look at the air volume. This indicator is also related to the power of the vacuum cleaner. If the power is high, the suction force will increase, and then the air volume at the suction port will increase.

3. When listening to the noise and choosing household appliances, we will consider whether it will have noise problems. Vacuum cleaners are no exception. As long as the vacuum cleaner is turned on, there will be a sound of suction, which is inevitable. The size of the power will have some impact on the noise. You should be careful when you buy it.

4. Look at accessories. Although vacuum cleaners are used to suck ash, the places with ash are different. If you want to use vacuum cleaners to clean, you need to use different accessories. For example, you can use flat suction to clean corners or subtle places; when cleaning sofas and curtains, you will use a special sofa brush or curtain brush; when cleaning floors, just use a common floor brush and so on.

5. Looking at the shell, the quality of the vacuum shell should be a little stronger, after all, it will affect the service life. Ordinary home, you can use stainless steel material, so it will be more wear-resistant, not easy to aging.

6. Compared with price, price has always been an important factor in purchasing. The price difference of general vacuum cleaners is not big. It mainly depends on the psychological price and budget. You need to think about it.

LUFTMY has developed S7-L smart dust sensor for real-time dust perception of vacuum cleaner and real-time display of cleaner cleanliness. The hair fiber cleanliness sensor adopts the working method of infrared radiation. The air cleanliness sensor is installed in the ventilation pipe of vacuum cleaner, sweeping robot and other equipment to accurately measure the number and concentration of mites, dust, hair fiber and other particles Degree data, real-time display floor, carpet, bed sheet, sofa, car and other dust cleanliness data.

S7-L Smart dust densor
S7-L Smart dust densor

Application benefits of dust cleanliness sensor in vacuum cleaner and sweeping robot products:

1. The cleaning effect of the equipment and the cleanliness of the floor, carpet, bed sheet, etc. are presented to the user directly through the sensor output data and LED color display;

2. According to the sensor data, the device intelligently controls the rotation speed of the motor, achieving mute, energy saving and power saving, and prolonging the service life of the motor.

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