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What is a portable respirable particle meter?

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When the quantity, concentration and duration of pollutants in the air reach harmful degree and harm human comfort, health, welfare or environment, air pollution is formed. So what is a portable respirable particle meter?

The portable respirable particle meter is suitable for the rapid determination of PM10 concentration in public places, the detection of dust concentration in indoor and other aspects of labor health, the monitoring of respirable dust concentration in the field of environmental protection, and the evaluation of purification efficiency of air purifier.

PM2.5 detector structure diagram
PM2.5 detector structure diagram

Main features

1. It can directly read the mass concentration of particulate matter (mg / m3), output the results in one minute, or set the sampling time at will according to the user's needs;

2. Fast and accurate measurement with high detection sensitivity;

3. Designed the self calibration system, the instrument performance is stable and reliable;

4. It has air curtain shielding and clean gas self-cleaning function to ensure that the optical system is not polluted;

5. The software can adjust zero automatically;

6. LUFTMY PM2.5 sensor is used, which has many functions such as continuous monitoring of particle concentration, regular sampling and over standard dust concentration alarm;

7. The design is small and light, with strong design sense and high cost performance.

PM2.5 detector
PM2.5 detector

Portable inhalable particulate meter air detector

Air quality tester manufacturer LUFTMY——PM2.5 detector is a special instrument for measuring the value of PM2.5 in the air. It is suitable for the measurement of public place environment, atmospheric environment and indoor air, and can also be used for the evaluation and analysis of purification efficiency of air purifier. It uses a laser PM2.5 sensor based on Mie spherical particle scattering principle, a portable dust concentration sensor, and uses POS particle swarm optimization algorithm to retrieve the mass concentration of particles, so the data can be read quickly and accurately.

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