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How to properly use a vacuum cleaner? How to judge the cleanliness of vacuum cleaner?

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It is one of the most common electronic equipment in cleaning work, which is used as a special equipment to absorb dust and dirt on the ground, walls and other flat parts. When the vacuum cleaner is started, it can send out a strong suction force, so that the dust is sucked into the dust storage cabin in the machine along the airflow, so as to clean the ground. There are many kinds of vacuum cleaners, including common type and strong type according to suction size; different types such as floor dust, carpet dust, furniture dirt cleaning, etc. according to application scope; single vacuum cleaner and dual-purpose vacuum cleaner according to function.

The vacuum cleaner
The vacuum cleaner

How to use the vacuum cleaner:

1. Different types and specifications of vacuum cleaners have different structural performance and functional characteristics. Therefore, it is necessary to read the operation manual carefully before using the selected vacuum cleaner to prevent the damage of the vacuum cleaner due to improper use.

2. Before use, the hose shall be connected with the suction port of the shell properly, and the hose shall be handed over to each section and the suction nozzle at the end of the hand over.

3. Check the power cord for damage to ensure the safety of power consumption.

4. When using, the suction control device can be adjusted according to different cleaning occasions. There is a round hole on the elbow and an adjusting ring on it. When the adjusting ring covers the hole on the elbow, the suction is the maximum, while when the adjusting ring exposes all the holes, the suction is the minimum. Some vacuum cleaners use motor speed regulation to adjust suction.

5.When vacuuming, make sure that there are no obvious paper scraps, nail glass and other sundries in the cleaning area.

6. After the use of the vacuum cleaner, it should be placed in a dry place for retention. If it is placed in an excessively wet place, it will negatively affect the electrical insulation and service life.

7. When vacuuming, it should be vacuumed in order from inside to outside.

8. It is suitable to prevent dragging the hose or kicking the vacuum cleaner.

9. Clean the dust bag as soon as possible after vacuuming. (after the dust in the dust bag is removed, use another vacuum cleaner to clean the dust bag, use a rag to clean the inner cylinder of the vacuum cleaner and cover the dust bag)

10.Wipe the external surface of the machine.

Precautions for use of vacuum cleaner:

(1) prevent water absorption, nails, glass, etc.

(2) the cleaning of dust bag shall not be washed with water.

(3)prevent dragging the vacuum cleaner hose.

The function of vacuum cleaner is so powerful. How to judge the cleanliness of vacuum cleaner?

S7-L Smart dust sensor
S7-L Smart dust sensor

The vacuum cleaner carries out real-time dust perception of the vacuum cleaner and displays the dust sensor of the cleanliness of the vacuum cleaner. The cleaner cleanliness identification sensor is installed in the ventilation pipe of the vacuum cleaner and the sweeping robot by using the infrared counter shooting method. The mite cleanliness detector accurately measures the number and concentration data of the mite, dust, hair fiber and other particles, and displays the ground in real time Dust cleanliness data of carpet, bedspread, sofa, car, etc.

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