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What is the function of an air purifier? The role of PM2.5 sensors?

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The common filter material structure of air purifier is usually selected from HEPA + activated carbon filtration technology. HEPA filter can block PM2.5, smoke, mites and other pollutants, while activated carbon filter can absorb harmful substances, such as odor, mildew and formaldehyde.

air purifier
air purifier

The filter material of air purifier shall be selected to obtain antibacterial performance. When the air purifier filters dust mites, bacteria will also be adsorbed on the surface of the filter. Many substances in dust will become nourishment for bacteria and mould. When these harmful bacteria enter the air again, they will produce air. Secondary pollution. Therefore, antibacterial filter material is essential.

Main functions of air purifier

1. In addition to particles, such as PM2.5, bacteria, pollen, etc. Most air purifiers work well.

2. In addition to gaseous pollutants, such as formaldehyde, benzene, garbage odor, glue paint and other odor. Most purifiers are ineffective. But in addition to a small amount of formaldehyde, a small number of professional purifiers are still good.

3. Release negative ions (also known as water ions, negative oxygen ions, nano fog, etc., almost the same thing) of fresh air.

4. Humidify to increase air comfort.

The main function of air purifier
The main function of air purifier

At present, the first function of most machines is obvious. Generally speaking, you can buy something under 1000 yuan. Few machines perform well in point 2. Point 3 most machines have this function. Some machines have humidifying functions (do not buy ultrasonic humidifiers, which is a type of spray).

I think the second point is the most important. As a result of vacuuming for three to five years, the problem is not big. However, formaldehyde and benzene may cause dizziness and nausea immediately on the day of decoration pollution. If you smoke for three to five months, it can cause disease, which is a serious disease. But in fact, apart from the smell, few machines have a good effect on formaldehyde. This kind of machine generally has a large screen, and the effect of the screen is very small.

In addition, indoor air pollution is either gas or very small dust particles. It is not necessary to say that microorganisms are invisible. Therefore, when choosing indoor purifier, we need to choose strong sensing ability and high sensitivity. Purification capacity.

Function of PM2.5 sensor in air purifier

In the current field of air purification, PM2.5 sensor has almost become the standard hardware of purification equipment. Its effect is to monitor the concentration of PM2.5 and other particles in the air. Its working principle is as follows: a constant light source (such as infrared light-emitting diode) is set inside the PM2.5 sensor. When the air passes through the light, the particles in it will scatter, leading to the attenuation of light intensity. The relative attenuation rate is proportional to the concentration of particles.

HPD05 Infrared PM2.5 dust sensor
HPD05 Infrared PM2.5 dust sensor

Particle sensor supplier LUFTMY - dust infrared sensor HPD05 uses the principle of optical scattering to detect the concentration of dust in the air. The sensor is equipped with an infrared light-emitting diode and a highly sensitive photoelectric receiving sensor. The light emitted by the infrared light-emitting diode will produce reflected light when encountering dust. The photoelectric sensor reflects the air by detecting the intensity of the reflected light For the concentration of dust in the gas, the sensor directly outputs PWM signal, and the PWM width is the current concentration value. The value of dust concentration can also be output through IIC serial port signal, and the unit is UG / m3. HPD05 has the advantages of stable detection ability, high production efficiency and double advantages. The particle sensor hpd05 has the characteristics of small volume, high precision, low power consumption, short response time, stable operation under high dust concentration, etc. the dust sensor of the air purifier can be applied in the air purifier, fresh air system, etc.

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