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What's the use of a vacuum other than vacuuming?

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Many people have a headache about the health problems in their homes, especially when dealing with small garbage. Some hair in the house is similar to small things, because it is too slow to take care of, but as long as there is a vacuum cleaner in the house, it can solve such a headache.

The vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners can be used to clean the house, such as the sundries under the sofa and the corner seams of the cabinet. It is very hard to clean with a broom, and vacuum cleaners can solve these problems. Not only that, there are many different uses of vacuum cleaners!

What's the function of vacuum cleaner besides vacuum?

Some vacuum cleaners can clean curtains, and we have to choose flat bottom vacuum cleaners to make the cleaning area of curtains wider. But first of all, this vacuum cleaner needs to be clean, or it will make the curtains dirtier. This method is used to deal with curtains with only some dust at home, which can reduce the number of curtain changes.

Vacuum the curtains
Vacuum the curtains

In addition to these functions, vacuum cleaners also play a role in cleaning electrical appliances. For a computer, a long time of electricity will generate heat. When the temperature is high, it is easy to absorb dust. At this time, the vacuum cleaner will come into use, which can let the dust go. Not only for computers, but also for home TV and other household appliances, this method is very practical.

Vacuum cleaners can help you when you can't find small things. For example, rings or earrings, which are relatively small items, are not easy to find if they are lost, but you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean them, and help you find the little things you lost, killing two birds with one stone.

Vacuum cleaning laptop and other functions
Vacuum cleaning laptop and other functions

When household quilts are not used, they are always kept. There is too much air in plastic bags, which wastes a lot of space. Use a vacuum cleaner to dry up the air in the plastic bag, so as to save space

Many people have vacuum cleaners. They can really help people solve many problems. They can not only make you less tired when dealing with garbage, but also help in other aspects besides sanitation.

The function of vacuum cleaner is so powerful. How to judge the cleanliness of vacuum cleaner?

S7L Smart dust sensor
S7L Smart dust sensor

LUFTMY has developed s7l smart dust sensor for real-time dust perception of vacuum cleaners, which displays the cleanliness of vacuum cleaners. S7-l, an intelligent cleaner cleaner cleaner, is installed in the ventilation pipes of vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots, using the infrared shooting method. It can accurately measure the number and concentration of mites, dust, hair fibers and other particles Data, real-time display floor, carpet, bed sheet, sofa, car and other dust cleanliness data.

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