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Maintenance method of PM2.5 particle dust sensor

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Dust sensor is also called dust sensor and PM2.5 sensor, which can be used to detect the dust concentration of PM2.5 value in the air around us.In aerodynamics, the dust whose diameter is less than 10 μ M can enter the alveolar area is usually called respiratory dust.Most of the dust particles with a diameter of more than 10 μ m are deposited by impact, and most of them are deposited in the nasopharynx when inhaled, while the dust particles with a diameter of less than 10 μ M can enter the deep part of the respiratory tract.However, most of the dust deposited in the alveoli is below 5 μ M.

How pm2.5 particle dust sensor works
How pm2.5 particle dust sensor works

1. The dust sensor product is a sensor component that can detect the amount of dust (floating dust) in the living environment through light, and then change the voltage output. The dust in the living environment includes cigarette smoke particles, bedding dust, dust when cleaning, lice, pet hair, etc.

2.The principle of the dust sensor is that the dust will reflect the flashing light when it is shining on the dust through the light. I think you all know this phenomenon. We use this principle to calculate the number of dust particles. Specifically, it is to simplify the light scattering mode of particle counter used in clean room, to make it be able to be used in household appliances and practical application.

Working structure of pm2.5 particle dust sensor
Working structure of pm2.5 particle dust sensor

3. application of dust sensor:

1). It can be used as a sensor to control the operation of air cleaner, ventilator, air conditioner and other machines and detect the concentration of dust particles.

2). It can be used as a sensor for environmental monitor (air pollution monitoring) of family, office, waiting room of hospital, etc.

Air purifier
Air purifier

4. precautions for installation of dust sensor:

1). Due to the detection principle, there will be a weak updraft in the sensor, so there is a distinction between the top and the bottom in the installation.

2). In addition, in order to avoid disturbing the internal air flow, the air intake and exhaust port shall not directly touch the strong wind.

5. The sensitive lens of the dust sensor is the internal structure of the sensor. The air flow is not easy to directly touch the lens, so it will not get dirty. But it can't avoid the above dirt caused by long-term use. But even so, if the dirty sensitivity of the lens drops, open the lens cover, and use cotton stick and water to clean it.

PS. cleaning method:

1). First, soak the cotton rod in water, then wring it dry with fingers, and wipe all the lenses.

2). Next, dry with the dry end of the cotton stick and wipe off the water drop.

3). Similar dust sensors include household air cleaner and gas sensor which can detect cigarette gas. However, gas sensors cannot detect dust particles.

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