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PM2.5 sensor - focus of air purification detector

Update: 2019-11-16 17:14 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

About air quality, people pay more attention to it in daily life. For example, there was a heated discussion about the air quality in the car. Is there any peculiar smell in the car? Is there air pollution in the car? How to judge the air quality standard in the car? How to meet the comfortable driving environment needs of car owners?

Interior air pollution
Interior air pollution

These problems need to be solved from many aspects, such as system, standard, supervision, industrial chain, etc. some experts also call for the implementation of strong standards for vehicle interior pollution as soon as possible. Of course, it's a process, and before that, a new trend quietly emerged in the car market - PM2.5 sensors for cars.

Then look at PM2.5 sensor. As the name implies, it is a device used to detect the concentration of air dust. It is developed according to the scattering principle of light. The relative concentration of dust in the field to be measured is reflected by the relative attenuation rate of incident light through the concentration field to be measured. Then, the concentration value is measured by electrical signal conversion.

Obviously, it is a reasonable choice to configure PM2.5 sensor in the car so that the driver and passenger can know the PM2.5 concentration value in the car at all times and make adjustment based on it, which is in line with the current consumption demand. Of course, PM2.5 sensor has more built-in air purifier products, which not only reflect the concentration value, but also directly filter to maintain the excellent rate of air quality.

Vehicle air purifier
Vehicle air purifier

It may become normal to install vehicle purifier in the car, and PM2.5 sensor will also become the standard. In addition, the stage of PM2.5 sensor will not be limited to the space inside the car. The vast space outside the car can not be ignored naturally, or the layout is earlier.

The air purifier enters the ordinary people's home, and it is expected to become the next daily household appliance when people pay more and more attention to the air quality. This is a fact recognized by the industry. So the function of PM2.5 sensor is self-evident. Temperature and humidity sensor, dust sensor and peculiar smell sensor will be equipped for basic air purification products.

To further expand, in addition to the familiar indoor air purifier, PM2.5 sensor is also commonly used in PM2.5 detector, gas detector, air conditioner with purification function, range hood, fresh air system, smoke alarm, sweeper, vacuum cleaner, intelligent trash can, sweeper robot and other equipment and facilities.

S7-L Smart dust sensor
S7-L Smart dust sensor

The S7-L Smart Dust particle sensor developed by LUFTMY for vacuum cleaner and sweeping robot real-time display of cleaning degree adopts the working method of infrared counter shooting. When the dust particles pass through the infrared counter shooting area, the receiving end receives the light signal corresponding to the particles to change. Through the patent technology processing of particle signal acquisition, it can accurately detect the dust particles passing through the vacuum cleaner Particle quantity and concentration data in the ventilation duct of handle or extension pipe, sweeping robot, particle detection instrument and other equipment.

According to the survey, at present, there are mainly two PM2.5 sensors on the market, one is infrared sensor, the other is laser sensor. In terms of detection accuracy, laser type is better, in terms of cost, infrared price range is more grounded, so it is also commonly used in some civil equipment. In the high-end market, the data requirements are generally higher, so the industrial grade PM2.5 sensor will be commonly used in meteorological stations, environmental monitoring stations and other occasions.

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