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Harm of PM2.5 and application recommendation of laser PM2.5 sensor

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With the rapid development of China's social economy, air pollution increases with the progress of industrialization, and the frequency of haze weather is higher and higher. Air pollutants are on the rise in large and medium-sized cities, which has become a serious environmental problem to human beings.

PM2.5 concentration detection
PM2.5 concentration detection

Among the air pollutants, particulate pollution is the most harmful to human health. PM can be divided into coarse particles (2.5-10 μ m, PM10), fine particles (0.1-2.5 μ m, PM2.5) and ultrafine particles (< 0.1 μ m) according to its diameter.The diameter of atmospheric particles determines the place where they finally enter the respiratory tract: the deposition of 2.5 μ m particles in the lungs can reach 83%, while only 49% and 31% of 8.2 μ m and 11.5 μ m particles are deposited. The size of particles is inversely proportional to the total deposition in the lungs.Particles with a diameter greater than 10 μ M can be easily excluded from the mucus and ciliary system of the respiratory tract, while particles with a diameter less than 10 μ M can enter the lower respiratory tract, especially PM2.5, which is easy to deposit in the bronchioles and alveoli and enter the blood circulation.Therefore, in addition to the lung, PM2.5 will have a certain impact on all systems of the body.

The increase of PM2.5 concentration can cause and aggravate the systemic damage, which includes the immune allergy and oxidative stress caused by PM2.5, and then lead to the systemic inflammatory reaction of respiratory system, circulatory system and digestive system, leading to organ damage.Therefore, it is particularly important to do a good job in personal protection and reduce pollutants.With the development of industry and transportation, PM2.5 pollution will become more and more serious, so it will become the focus of future work to strengthen the protection of people and reduce the pollution of atmospheric particles.Therefore, on the basis of reducing air pollution, it is very important to do a good job in air pollution prediction and monitoring, so that individuals do a good job in protection, so as to reduce the occurrence of systemic diseases.

As the core part of PM2.5 online monitoring system, relevant dust concentration sensors are also widely used. In terms of monitoring effect and cost, laser scattering principle is the first choice for current application. What are the dust sensors of PM2.5 detection sensor?

Dust concentration sensor manufacturer and product recommendation

Company name: Guangzhou Luftmy Intelligence Technology CO.,Ltd

Product recommendation: laser dust sensor module LD09

LD09 Laser PM2.5 dust sensor
LD09 Laser PM2.5 dust sensor

PM2.5 dust concentration detection sensor LD09 adopts the optical scattering principle, which can simultaneously measure the particle number concentration of pm1.0, PM2.5 and PM10 in the indoor air. The detection air quality sensor outputs the particle mass concentration through mathematical algorithm and scientific calibration, and adopts the same side inlet and outlet air duct design, which is convenient for application. It also has the following characteristics:

1.Wide range of application, no need for air duct design, compatible with multi-protocol output;

2. Six-sided shielding combined the software anti-jamming algorithm, with higher anti-jamming performance ;

3.light and thin design,Zero error alarm rate;

4. Real time response and support continuous acquisition.

LD09 detection air quality sensor module application field:

1. Household air purifier;

2. Air quality detector;

3. Fresh air system;

4. Air conditioner with purification function;

5. Supporting consumer electronic products.

Household air purifier
Household air purifier

LUFTMY focuses on the research, production and sales of optical particle sensor technology. LUFTMY particle counter and other sensors are widely praised by the industry in measuring accuracy, stability, consistency error, anti-interference and other performance indicators.

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