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Air quality sensor meets rigid requirements of air purifier and fresh air system

Update: 2019-11-05 17:29 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

Air quality sensor is often used to monitor the air pollutants, which is an important part of air purifier and fresh air system.The development of domestic sensor technology has been lagging behind other countries, but with the development and innovation of technology and the unremitting efforts of domestic sensor enterprises, the application of air quality sensor has opened a new situation, which has far exceeded the level of foreign technology.

Air purifier
Air purifier

1. particulate matter monitoring

(1) Particulate matter sensor

The comprehensive application of air purifier in China started from the outbreak of haze, and PM2.5 sensor was first recognized by the public. The early PM2.5 sensor was just a simple infrared gas detector with a level output, which showed the air condition with red, yellow and green indicator lights. According to the national standard, when the concentration of PM2.5 in the air is lower than 35 μ g / m3, it is of superior grade and green. However, some manufacturers cheat by changing the definition value. For example, when the PM2.5 concentration is lower than 100 μ g / m3, it is set as green. When consumers see that the indicator light changes from red to yellow and then to green, they think that the concentration of particulate matter in the air has been reduced to a safe range, and fool consumers.

With the upgrading of domestic sensor technology, the analog qualitative output of the sensor is changed into quantitative output, which directly displays the PM2.5 concentration and realizes the digitalization of air quality. Without the opportunity of cheating, the consumers can understand the air quality situation more intuitively, which further promotes the healthy development of the purifier industry.

(2)Application trend of particulate matter sensor

As we all know, the smaller the particle size is, the more harmful the attached bacteria will be to human body. PM2.5 can enter the blood vessels, and the harmful substances attached to it will cause cancer; PM10 will not enter our alveoli directly like PM2.5, but it will cause harm to our throat, airway, etc.; pm1.0 will cause more harm.

At present, domestic consumption is also upgrading. Through monitoring more than pm1.0, PM2.5 and PM10 concentration parameters, the in-depth development of purifier industry is promoted. This has higher requirements for the air purifier. First, the filter screen should not only be able to remove PM2.5, but also have processing capacity for smaller particles. Second, the sensor should not only measure in multiple channels, but also achieve low noise, long life and high reliability.

2. Increased attention to formaldehyde pollution

(1) Formaldehyde sensor

With the improvement of atmospheric environment, the sale of purifiers for the purpose of haze removal is affected. Many purifier enterprises begin to focus on formaldehyde treatment and monitoring data display.

Formaldehyde sensor has always been a high price, short life, easy to be disturbed and other problems, and the demand awareness of air purification products is not obvious, so it has not been fully promoted. Many national high-tech enterprises engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of gas sensors have profound R & D strength and technological innovation ability. To solve the problems in the application process of sensors, formaldehyde sensors should be cheap and easy to use. At present, they have reached cooperation with many purifier enterprises at home and abroad.

(2) Application trend of formaldehyde sensor

Formaldehyde sensors are generally faced with such difficulties as short life, high cost, large gas cross interference, and difficult to transport and store.

Fresh air system
Fresh air system

3. CO2 is the invisible "killer"

CO2 generally exists in the indoor air, but it is often ignored. Although it is colorless, tasteless and nontoxic, it can also hurt people. When the CO 2 in indoor air reaches 1000ppm, the human body will feel uncomfortable; when it reaches 2000ppm, it belongs to slight hypoxia, which will make people feel asthma, headache and dizziness. When it reaches 5000ppm, it belongs to the extreme environment of health. The human body functions are seriously disordered, causing people to lose consciousness and unconsciousness. Therefore, the harm of CO2 to human body cannot be ignored.

In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to reducing the CO2 concentration, which is an important test for the fresh air system. However, the technical threshold of CO2 sensor is relatively high. In addition, in the application of CO2 sensor, the following characteristics need to be met:

(1) the smaller the volume, the larger the application space;

(2) low power consumption; meet the standby power consumption requirements of household appliances;

(3) low cost; make CO2 sensor the standard configuration of fresh air system.

4. Application trend of air quality sensor

While the technology of household air purifier, fresh air system, air conditioning and other industries is constantly upgrading, domestic enterprises are also exploring more development paths, bringing air quality monitoring technology to more life scenes, such as gas monitoring in the automotive field. As a closed travel space, cars are also facing air pollution problems such as excessive particles, formaldehyde and CO2, which threaten the health of consumers.

HPD05 Infrafed PM2.5 dust sensor
HPD05 Infrafed PM2.5 dust sensor

LUFTMY PM fine particle sensor hpd05 uses the principle of optical scattering to measure the dust concentration within the detection range through the conversion of optical path and circuit. The air flow sensor module hpd05 has the characteristics of small volume, high precision, low power consumption, short response time, stable operation under high dust concentration, etc. it can be used in air purifier, air conditioner with purification function, PM2.5 detector, etc.

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