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According to AMA data report, the market of particulate matter sensors is expected to grow by 12.23%

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May 28, 2019 (HTF Market Intelligence via COMTEX) - particulate matter sensors are commonly used for air monitoring. Based on laser technology, particle sensor provides real-time data with low cost and low power consumption. The sensor is small and easy to carry.

Based on the global market research of particulate matter sensors, the product / industry scope is summarized, and the market prospect and current situation by 2025 are described.The particle sensor market explores effective research in different areas of the industry, such as opportunities, scale, growth, technology, demand, and the trend of high leaders.It also provides key market statistics on the status of manufacturers, providing valuable guidance and direction to companies and individuals interested in the industry.

According to the AMA data report, the global particle sensor market is expected to grow by 12.23%.

LUFTMY HPD05 Infrared dust sensor
LUFTMY HPD05 Infrared dust sensor

Market drivers

Due to the low cost, low power consumption and real-time monitoring function of sensors, the demand is increasing.

Market trends

The development trend of miniaturization in semiconductor industry.


High initial cost of manufacturing and manufacturing image sensors.


The increase of lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, COPD and respiratory tract infection caused by air pollution.


It is not possible to work in severe environmental conditions because the sensors are used for air monitoring.

Considering all aspects of the market, the current situation and future of the market are evaluated by using the forecast period.The forecast is analyzed based on the sales volume and revenue of the market.The tools used to analyze the global particle sensor Market Research Report include SWOT analysis.

Segment and market data are as follows:

This study explored the product types of particle sensor Market: PM2.5, PM10, pm1.0, pm4.0

Main applications / end users of the global particulate matter sensor Market: air purifier, HVAC equipment, demand control ventilation system, air conditioning, air quality monitoring, smart home and Internet of things equipment, etc.

Measurement range: 0.3 ~ 2.5um, 0.3 ~ 5.0um, 0.3 ~ 10um, etc.

Terminal industries: consumer electronics, automobile, electric energy, oil and gas, medical treatment, chemical industry, mining industry, etc.

The regional analysis of the global particle sensor market is focused on Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America and the rest of the world. North America is the most important region in the world. However, due to the increasing number of research activities in China, India and Japan, the Asia Pacific region is also expected to show a high growth rate in 2019-2025.

The investment potential of the global particulate matter sensor market in various market segments and the feasibility of explaining the success of a new project in the near future are illustrated.The core segments of the global market are based on product types, SMEs and large companies.The report also collects data on each major player in the market based on current company profile, gross margin, sales price, sales revenue, sales volume, photos, product specifications and the latest contact information.

Data sources and methods

The main sources include industry experts from the global particle sensor market, including industry value chain management organizations, processing organizations, and analysis service providers.Interviews were conducted with all major sources to collect and validate qualitative and quantitative information and to identify future prospects.

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