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Can sweeping robots replace vacuum cleaners? Function of dust identification sensor of vacuum cleaner

Update: 2019-10-30 17:53 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

Sweeping robots and vacuum cleaners are the sharp tools for many people to clean now. Some people think that intelligence is the future development trend of household appliances. Traditional vacuum cleaners do not completely liberate hands when they are used, and will be replaced by sweeping robots in the future. Is this the true situation? Which is better, a sweeper or a vacuum cleaner? Before we understand this problem, it is necessary to understand the difference between a vacuum cleaner and a sweeping robot.

vacuum cleaner
vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner is the main cleaning tool in many families

In short, the positioning of the two is different: the positioning of the sweeper is the household floor cleaning, and the positioning of the vacuum cleaner is the household deep cleaning;Different cleaning principles: the cleaning principle of the sweeping robot is to roll the brush or rubber brush + vacuum suction port, brush the garbage from the brush, and then vacuum suction port suction, the overall process is "sweep" + "suction".The vacuum cleaner rotates at high speed through the motor, producing air flow to suck in the garbage, and the whole process is "suction".Different methods of use: the sweeping robot has an artificial intelligence system, which can run autonomously when the switch is turned on, while the vacuum cleaner needs manual operation to clean.

It's hard for sweeping robots to replace vacuum cleaners

Sweeping robot does not need manual operation, only need to turn on the switch to clean is the biggest advantage, and the compact body design can clean many dead corners, such as sofa bottom, bed bottom and other low areas, it can carry out comprehensive cleaning, and low noise, low power, saving time and physical strength are its advantages. But behind the advantages, the biggest disadvantage of the sweeping robot is that it can only clean the ground and can't deal with large pieces of garbage.

Sweeping robot
Sweeping robot

The Sweeping robot can't clean the space above the ground

The existence of vacuum cleaner can be said to be a universal cleaning tool, which includes the body, expansion tube and various brush heads. It can clean the home environment in all directions, such as desk, bed surface, sofa, curtain, roof, corner, gap... Even the interior space of the car can be cleaned. Although hands are not liberated, the cleaning force and cleaning method are much more convenient than the sweeping robot.

Smart dust sensor S7 makes the effect of dust collection more intuitive

S7 Smart dust sensor
S7 Smart dust sensor

More and more intelligent household equipment, such as vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots, are entering the ordinary home. Luftmy has also developed a dust identification sensor for vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots to display the degree of cleaning in real time - S7 smart dust sensor. The dust identification sensor S7 adopts the working method of infrared radiation. When the micro dust particles pass through the infrared radiation area, The receiving end receives the change of light signal corresponding to the particle. Through the patent technology processing of particle signal acquisition, the particle data is compared with the material data in the database to obtain accurate particle concentration data.

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