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The difference between a vacuum cleaner and a sweeping robot? The Smart dust sensor displays dust cleanliness in real time

Update: 2019-10-29 17:33 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

With the emergence of sweeper robots, and loved by most young people, vacuum cleaners seem to be left out, but considering the cost, there are many people who will hesitate in front of vacuum cleaners and sweeper robots. LUFTMY will tell you the difference between them.

Different working principles

The cleaning principle of the sweeping robot is the rolling brush + vacuum suction port. The battery drives the engine. The rolling brush picks up the garbage and small particles of dust, and then draws them in from the vacuum suction port. It is similar to the principle of the road cleaning car, and the key is sweeping + suction.The robot is small and flexible, easy to operate, can make an intelligent appointment at will, and can clean all corners in place, saving energy and electricity, and making little noise.But it can not be used in humid environment for a long time, nor can it be used outdoors.

The sweeping robot
The sweeping robot

The vacuum cleaner is to use the high-speed rotation of the motor, the resulting air flow, the garbage suction, the key is "suction". Vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning large pieces or a large amount of garbage, but it can only work with manual cooperation. It is difficult to fully clean the hidden corners under the sofa or cabinet, with large power consumption and noise.

Different cleaning methods

The vacuum cleaner has a suction motor and a fixed suction force. The dust cleaning depends on suction force. There is no suction motor for the sweeper, only the brush rolling motor on the head. The cleaning mainly depends on the big particle dust in the brush clip and then thrown into the ash hopper.

The vacuum cleaner
The vacuum cleaner

Different cleaning effect

Vacuum cleaner can absorb tiny particle dust, have purify air effect, suit indoor use. Sweeper can only clean large particles of dust, and easy dust, pollution of the environment, suitable for outdoor use.

The above is the difference between the sweeping robot and the vacuum cleaner, I believe that we have a standard to measure after watching, no matter what kind of cleaning tools can help you take care of a clean environment, and the intelligent sweeping robot may be more labor-saving oh.

Real time display of dust cleanliness by Smart dust sensor

S7 Smart dust sensor
S7 Smart dust sensor

More and more intelligent household equipment, such as vacuum cleaner and sweeping robot, are entering the ordinary home. Luftmy has also developed a dust sensor S7 smart dust sensor for real-time display of vacuum cleaner and sweeping robot.The sensor for measuring dust adopts the working method of infrared radiation. When the dust particles pass through the infrared radiation area, the receiving end receives the light signal change corresponding to the particles. Through the patent technology processing of particle signal collection, the particle data and the material data in the database are compared and analyzed to get the accurate particle concentration data.

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