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The technology and development trend of particle sensor on 2019 Korea Air Fair

Update: 2019-10-26 16:25 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

LUFTMY's CEO, Raymond Jiang made the open session about the technology and development trend of particle sensor on 2019 Korea Air Fair,and made the particle sensor technical discussion with professionals.

The speech mainly introduced The Development of Particle Sensor, Market Analysis of Particle Sensor Applicaion Products and Technology Analysis of Particle Sensor.

1.The Development of Particle Sensor

The initial output of particle sensors was from analog signals to the current digital signals.And the current Laser sensor with fan and active constant current intake.With the consumer upgrade of home appliances,the user pay more attention to the product intelligence and user experience. LUFTMY's R&D has researched the global exclusive patent optical dust sensor S7 successfully after 5 year's hard work. S7 can detect the particulate shape size, quantity and quality of the ventilating duct of vacuum cleaner, sweeping robot and mite dust controller accurately, work out the ground cleanliness and the effect of controlling mites.

2.Technology Analysis of Particle Sensor

The technical analysis of particle sensor is introduced from three aspects:Principle analysis of infrared DUST sensor, principle analysis of laser DUST sensor and principle analysis of SMART DUST sensor.

The performance analysis of the particle sensor is also taken into account, as follows:Anti-interference,Sensitivity,Life,Consistency,Noise,Anti-dust function.

3.Market Analysis of Particle Sensor Applicaion Products

Finally, Air purifier market analysis and Vacuum cleaner market analysis were presented.At present, the built-in particle sensor air purifier and vacuum cleaners will be more and more attention.

Guangzhou Luftmy Intelligence Technology Co., LTD is jointly founded by the Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Fraunhofer Laser Research Institute of RWTH Aachen University in 2012. A new high-tech enterprice which focuses on the technical research, production and sales of particulate concentration sensor .

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