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Portable particle sensor (PM2.5 / PM10)

Update: 2019-10-25 16:41 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

The portable monitor series has been considered to be able to measure gas pollutants accurately and reasonably. Now, with the introduction of PM2.5 and PM10 sensor heads, you can also use the same monitor to measure particulate matter (PM).

The portable particle sensor
The portable particle sensor

The portable particle sensor can measure:

·2.5 micron or smaller particles (PM2.5)

·Particles up to 10 microns (PM10)

PM sensor heads are inserted into the monitor family, all of which can be used to measure various gas and environmental conditions.

Just like the existing gas sensor head series, the new PM2.5 and PM10 sensor heads can be clamped in the monitor base.You can change one sensor head to another at any time.The conversion process takes only a few seconds, so no configuration or calibration is required.This also makes maintenance easier by simply sending the sensor hair to the service center instead of the entire instrument.

What's the difference between portable particle sensors?

What makes the portable particle sensor different is the focus on data quality designed in all of its instruments. Customers will benefit from the following features:

·Precise active sampling

·Fast T90 response time

·Humidity compensation

·K factor adjustment

·Compatibility with a wide range of gas measurements

These features enable PM sensor heads to provide surprisingly accurate real-time data, compared with 20-30 times more expensive PM sensor heads.

How is the job?

The PM sensor head uses a laser and an optical sensor to measure the light scattered by particles passing through the laser beam. The optical sensor converts the scattered light into an electrical signal, which is then processed to provide a quality measurement - PM2.5 and PM10 in this case.

Active sampling and humidity compensation

The PM sensor head has a built-in fan to ensure stable and accurate sample air flow to the sensor. The sensor head also compensates the humidity through the on-board humidity sensor.In wet environments, light scattering sensors can read very high because water surrounds particles, making them look "bigger." The humidity compensation function reduces the influence on the measurement.


The portable particle sensor
The portable particle sensor

PM sensor heads are designed for those who need to collect particulate pollution data quickly, cost effectively.Typical users may include health and safety managers, researchers, air quality agencies, and environmental consultants. The portable monitor is designed to be hand-held and used for a short time. It can collect data in several places within minutes to 24 hours.

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