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The range hood is equipped with PM2.5 sensors to effectively solve the problem of kitchen pollution

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Lampblack machine is one of the largest categories of kitchen and electrical products, and it is also the most competitive category in the market.In the face of limited incremental market space, it is an effective way to break through the market bottleneck to grasp the trend of market renewal.At this time, the technology upgrading of products becomes the key.The technology of lampblack machine has been developed to today, and its products range from the earliest Chinese lampblack machine, to the European lampblack machine, to the side suction lampblack machine.At present, the range hood products on the market are mainly European style and side suction style, and the product pattern tends to be stable.

Lampblack machin
Lampblack machine

Through the analysis, it can be found that there are two main ideas for the technical development of the lampblack machine: one is to increase the power of the motor and use large exhaust air volume to better exhaust the lampblack.The other is to try to "explore" the smoking port and try to lock the lampblack in the first time, so as to effectively shorten the movement distance of lampblack rising.But these two development ideas have their own bottlenecks: the motor with large air volume brings more noise and power consumption, and the downward exploration of the smoking port will cause the longer distance of oil smoke flowing inside the cigarette machine, which makes the internal structure of the cigarette machine more complex and cleaning more difficult.At the same time, consumers still lack a clear understanding of the endless range hood products.

Lampblack machine
Lampblack machine

How to break through the product bottleneck of range hood? In the case that the large product pattern is difficult to change, we can start with some humanized product functions and details. And this can be divided into external and internal aspects of products.

"Inside" - automatic cleaning

Generally speaking, after long-term use of the range hood, a large number of heavy oil smoke pollutants will accumulate inside. However, due to the complex structure of the range hood, the general user does not have the ability to disassemble and wash by himself, so he can only turn to a professional cleaning master. This undoubtedly increases the use cost of the range hood. The lampblack machine with "automatic cleaning" function solves this problem. At present, there are two kinds of technologies in this field, one is to bake the oil by electric heating wire to make it drip, the other is to use steam to steam wash, first use steam to dissolve the oil, then use hot water to wash the oil, and finally air dry.

"Outside" - air monitoring

Kitchen is a serious disaster area of indoor lampblack pollution. Cooking on the cooker with poor ventilation system and low combustion efficiency for one hour will cause damage to health, equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes every day. General users only pay attention to the "taste" of lampblack when using the lampblack machine, but not the indoor air pollution. Because it also takes time for the fume hood to exhaust the exhaust gas. After the cooking, there are still exhaust gas left in the kitchen, which will also spread to other areas in the home.

The combination of fume hood and PM2.5 sensor can effectively solve the problem of PM2.5 pollution. By monitoring the PM2.5 pollution in the kitchen in real time, the actual closing time of fume hood can be controlled. This will be a major development trend of the range hood in the future. The products equipped with this sensor generally have air quality indicator light, which can display air quality in real time, so that users can "see" the smoke exhaust effect of the range hood. This is a "external" development space of the range hood, that is, real-time monitoring of air quality.

LD15 Laser PM2.5 Dust sensor
LD15 Laser PM2.5 Dust sensor

PM2.5 sensor brand: luftmy laser particle counter ld15 is a high-precision particle concentration sensor based on Mie scattering theory, which can continuously collect and calculate particle concentration distribution, and output in the form of general digital interface. Ld15 has the characteristics of small volume, high precision, strong anti-interference ability, low power consumption, long service life, short response time of zero error alarm rate, etc.; PM2.5 sensor ld15 can be embedded in a variety of instruments and meters related to the concentration of suspended particles in the air, such as lampblack machine or environmental improvement equipment, providing timely and accurate concentration data.

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