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Knowledge answer about dust sensor

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1. What product is the dust sensor?

The dust of cigarette, cloth, broom and bunk are collectively referred to as environmental dust. The dust sensor is a kind of dust (floating dust) which senses the living condition by detecting the change of light quantity in the process, and it is a sensor module via voltage output.

2. What is the principle of dust sensor?

Many shiny dust particles can be seen in the light through the cracks in the curtain, and the number of particles is counted by the process dust sensor. Specifically, the method

of light scattering to determine the particles in clean room is simplified and applied to household appliances.

3. What are the USES of dust sensors?

Operating dust sensors for air cleaning, ventilation fans, air conditioning and other fresh air systems;

Sensors used in home, office, hospital's expectant rooms for monitoring (air pollution levels).

4. What should you pay attention to when installing the device?

Because the test principle requires the module to produce a strong updraft, the module device should pay attention to high and low shelving. Otherwise, if necessary, the module shall be equipped with a housing or baffle to prevent the internal airflow from entering the module from the suction or exhaust port to disturb the internal airflow.

GDS06 Infrared PM2.5 Sensor Model - LUFTMY

GDS06 Infrared PM2.5 Sensor Model

Infrared Particle Sensor module GDS06 By using the principle of optical radiation, the dust sensor products by thetransformation of the light path and circuit, measure the dust density in the range of themeasurement, can be directly application of single-chip microcomputer UARcommunication. Small size, high precision, low power consumption, wide measuringrange, short response time and quick application.

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