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The future of medical technology: biometric sensors

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In this paper, we will deeply study biometric sensors, the healthcare applications of these Internet of things products, and how they change the industry.

biometric sensors
biometric sensors

What is a biometric sensor?

Biometric sensor is a kind of sensor which transforms human biological characteristics into electrical signals.Biometrics mainly include biometric fingerprint recognizer, iris, face or voice features.Different technologies can talk through complex combinations, sensor networks, and digital cameras.Each biometric device requires a sensor.

The application of biometrics mainly includes high definition camera for face recognition or microphone for speech capture.Some biometric techniques are designed to scan patterns of veins under the skin.Biometric sensors are the basic characteristics of identity recognition technology, as well as the basis of wearable devices and health care monitoring.

Wearable devices and biometrics have changed the health management of chronic diseases and daily fitness.Medical professionals and health care facilities must make the most efficient use of resources, of which space and time are precious.Using important biometric technology in remote nursing application can meet these two needs, release the time and bed space of nursing staff, which are usually occupied by patients with chronic diseases, and still provide key all-weather observation.

Fitness trackers and wearable devices are as common today as mobile phones.Now anyone can measure heat consumption, heart rate and sleep quality.Wearable devices will soon be able to monitor diabetes risk, sun exposure and fertility.All of this data can be sent remotely to healthcare professionals who can monitor patients' health without having to see a doctor.

There are also many different biometric sensors.For example, it combines high-precision optical sensor, LED light source, special algorithm and low-power MCU to provide the lowest power consumption dynamic heart rate monitoring solution in the industry.Target markets include fitness wristbands, smart watches and consumer health applications.

LD13 Laser PM2.5 dust sensor
LD13 Laser PM2.5 dust sensor

Guangzhou luftmy is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of particle sensor (PM2.5 sensor).Its products include laser dust sensor, particle sensor, infrared dust sensor, intelligent micro dust sensor and other products.With the advantages of high sensitivity, consistency and stability, it has been recognized and praised by a large number of customers in the bank.

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