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Eight sensors can help you create smart home

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smart home

smart home

1. Fire/carbon monoxide detection

Fire is the first cause of property damage. For many years, this kind of insignificant fire detector has been buzzing, but it threatens our family environment and air quality. Several types of pollutants may cause property damage and damage to indoor personnel. Carbon monoxide detector can measure carbon monoxide content in air and warn people in dangerous situations. Because CO is odorless and undetectable without help, the detector can save lives, especially when it is connected to emergency surveillance services.

Some new sensors can not only detect smoke and carbon monoxide, but also monitor the overall air quality of houses and observe pollutants such as dust, soot, pollen, temperature, humidity, pollution and particulates.

2. Leakage/moisture detection

The moisture detection sensor can detect the situation that the house is frozen or even the water line is broken. These sensors will alert you to leaks in your house, so you can solve the problem immediately without having to repair the damage after it has been completed. Sensors can be placed in water heaters, dishwashers, refrigerators, sinks, sewage pumps and anywhere at risk of leakage.

3. Opening and closing of doors and windows

Door and window sensors can detect when people enter or leave the house, and even when doors open or close. Some sensors can even detect when intruders broke windows. Wireless technology can receive notifications directly through mobile phones or tablets, and call for help quickly when needed.

4. Visual doorbell

Visual doorbell is also a theft deterrent sensor. The device can use a smartphone to see who is at the door. Whether you're alone at home or at work and there's someone at home, you'll know. Use it in conjunction with the door open/close sensor to detect the presence of intruders at all times!

5. Intelligent thermostat

Intelligent thermostat can control heating and refrigeration at home in any position. Intelligent thermostat can not only cool down, but also intelligently adjust the temperature and humidity inside and outside the house. When entering and leaving the house, the temperature of the house will also change. The intelligent thermostat can adjust the temperature according to your behavior and the use of the room.

6. Motion Sensors

Motion sensors can detect all kinds of motion in the region. Sensors can detect whether there is movement in the home, or whether doors and windows have been opened or closed. Motion sensors are also very helpful in saving energy. These sensors can be connected to lighting or thermostats to help control the energy use in a room according to the use of the room. For example, if no one is in the room, it will turn off the lights or adjust the energy-saving temperature to uninhabited when in the room.

7. Intelligent Garage Door

The smart garage door connected by wireless network makes you more comfortable. The concept is simple, but powerful. Never doubt whether you open the garage door. You can open and close the garage door at any location by telephone.

8. Interphone/Hub

Smart home hub and walkie talkie system can access all smart home sensors, and the communication system of the whole family can request service, emergency or maintenance with just a click of the button. Video and voice conversations between rooms in the house can be seen through the walls with the help of a walkie-talkie system.

LD12 laser PM2.5 dust sensor
LD12 laser PM2.5 dust sensor 

Guangzhou LUFTMY LD12 laser PM2.5 dust sensor is a high precision particle concentration sensor based on laser Michaelis MIE scattering theory. It can continuously collect and calculate the number of suspended particles with different particle sizes in the air per unit volume, i.e. particle concentration distribution, and then convert it into mass concentration, and output it in the form of a universal digital interface. The sensor can be embedded in various instruments or environmental improvement equipment related to the concentration of suspended particulate matter in the air to provide timely and accurate concentration data.

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