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Air purifier filter replacement time and purification effect can be their own control

Update: 2019-09-27 17:21 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

Ideally, the air purifier should have calculating ability and high-precision sensors, recording the amount of particulate matter purified each time it is turned on. When it continues to work from several hundred ug/m3 to about twenty, the data of particulate matter filtered out each time will end accumulating, thus reminding the exchange according to the design life of the filter screen. This is a solution.The other is simpler. An additional PM2.5 sensor is installed at the outlet of the air purifier. When the concentration of particulate matter in the outlet is obviously higher than that in the factory, the filter should be replaced.

Air cleaner
Air cleaner

However, the above two kinds of filter screen replacement reminder functions are not manufacturer application, even expensive high-end models do not have this effect, previously only according to the manufacturer's proposal for half a year or when it is really necessary to change.

In fact, there is a more direct way: air purifiers are equipped with PM2.5 detection function, the service life of the filter is always ahead of schedule. At this stage, most purifier manufacturers are using "adsorption filter". If the filter is used for too long, it may produce bacteria. If it continues to be used, it may still be possible. It can constitute the re-pollution of the environment.

LD10 laser dust sensor
LD10 laser dust sensor

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