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What are the differences between dust sensors in air purifiers at different price points?

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With the increasing awareness of air quality and the pursuit of quality of life and health, air purifiers are becoming more and more popular in urban families.The air purifier market has got a great development opportunity, at the same time, various brand products of air purifiers are emerging endlessly, dazzling.

Air cleaner
Air cleaner

Can an air purifier really purify the air?

Whether the air purifier can purify the air really, I believe many people have this doubt, want to buy but have doubts, do not know whether the air purifier can really solve the problem. Air purifier can purify air. The principle of air purifier is to detect the concentration of PM2.5 in air. When the concentration of PM2.5 in air reaches a threshold, the air purifier will start the function of ventilation and purification, inhale and filter particulate matter in air with filter screen to achieve the effect of purifying air.

What are the differences of dust sensors in different price air purifiers?

In addition to the different effects of air purification, there is a fundamental difference between air purifiers of different price levels, that is, the dust sensors in the purifiers are different.Sensors are the same sensory system as human ears, noses and eyes in the purifier. It is a way to obtain external information. Only through PM2.5 sensor can detect the concentration of particulate matter in the air first, the corresponding purification can be made.The air purifier with low price is equipped with infrared dust sensor, while the air purifier with higher price is equipped with laser dust sensor. The accuracy is obviously different, and the working effect is naturally different.

GDS06 Infrared PM2.5 sensor
GDS06 Infrared PM2.5 sensor

LUFTMY Intelligent Technology is an enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales of air quality sensors. Its products include infrared dust sensors and laser dust sensors. No matter which sensor company can lead the same industry with high sensitivity and good consistency, it is suitable for purifier products at various prices. Products need.

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