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Effective monitoring of PM2.5 by LUFTMY dust sensor

Update: 2019-09-20 17:22 Source: LUFTMY Reading: ↻ News

It is understood that when people can feel the weather haze with their naked eyes, the value of PM2.5 has approached 75. At this time, if the monitor deviates and the data shrinks, it will lead to high air quality evaluation, affect the relevant haze control measures, and even affect the general public's life mentality.

In order to report the value of PM2.5 in real time, many monitoring points of PM2.5 must be built, and corresponding monitoring equipment is also needed. The quality of monitoring equipment will determine the accuracy of the data. Therefore, the use of high-quality air quality monitoring instruments in line with international standards has become the top priority in monitoring the accuracy of PM2.5 data.

At present, continuous monitoring methods (such as micro-oscillation balance method and beta-ray attenuation method) are usually used to monitor the deposition quality of near-field PM2.5 in China.This kind of monitoring method requires very strict accuracy of air temperature, humidity, air flow rate and other data.A little deviation can make the monitoring results quite different.In this regard, domestic and foreign enterprises have stepped up the research and development of PM2.5 monitoring equipment sensors, and many high-sensitivity, high-precision new products have been put on the market.

LUFTMY Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a batch of sensors designed for PM2.5 monitoring equipment to "escort" the monitoring process of PM2.5.Each model has excellent reliability, repeatability, accuracy and responsiveness. It also has the leading total error band in the industry. It does not need to test and calibrate sensors one by one. It can ensure the accuracy and quality requirements of the system, and can interchange sensors very conveniently.

GDS06 infrared PM2.5 sensor
GDS06 infrared PM2.5 sensor

GDS06 module of infrared PM2.5 dust sensor uses optical scattering principle to detect the concentration of dust in air. The sensor has an infrared light emitting diode and a highly sensitive photoelectric receiving sensor. The light emitted by the infrared light emitting diode will produce reflected light when it encounters dust. The photoelectric sensor detects the reflected light by detecting the reflected light. The intensity reflects the concentration of dust in the air. The sensor directly outputs the PWM signal, and can also output the dust concentration value through the IIC serial port signal.The sensor is suitable for air purifier, air conditioner with purification function, fresh air system and air quality testing instrument.

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