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How can the purifying effect of air purifier be brought into full play

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For various types of air purifiers or products similar to air purifiers, the basic principles can be divided into three steps: discovery, purification and release. It is the air purifier that finds pollutants in the indoor air, filters and purifies them, and finally discharges the filtered non-polluted air, thus playing the role of purifying the air.

You should be able to find that the air purifier does not start operation until pollutants are found, that is to say, pollutants are the switch of purification.The "probe" in the air purifier is also the eye of the air purifier, that is to say, if the "probe" is not sensitive, the purification function of the air purifier can not be effectively exerted even if it is better.Only by timely perception of changes in indoor air quality, timely transmission of information to users, and automatic adjustment, can the efficacy of cleaning and purification period be maximized.

Application fields of LUFTMY dust sensor: vacuum cleaner, sweeper, mite meter, smart trash can, smart detector, etc.

S7-L Smart dust sensor
S7-L Smart dust sensor

S7-L Smart Dust makes use of the principle of optical emission to accurately detect the number and concentration of particles in the ventilation ducts of vacuum cleaners, such as the handle or extension rod pipe, sweeping robot, range hood, particle detection instrument, etc.

The probe in the air purifier is the dust sensor. The dust sensor adopts the principle of light scattering. That is to say, the light scatters on the suspended particulate matter in the air. At the same time, the detector receives the scattered light at a certain angle. After amplifying the generated photocurrent, the corresponding curve between the electric signal and the particulate matter can be obtained.After the microprocessor collects the data, a series of algorithms are used to obtain the mass of particles with different particle sizes per unit volume.

LD09 laser PM2.5 dust sensor
LD09 laser PM2.5 dust sensor

Laser dust sensor LD09 is a high precision particle concentration sensor based on laser Michaelis MIE scattering theory. It can continuously collect and calculate the number of suspended particles with different particle sizes in the air per unit volume, i.e. particle concentration distribution, and then convert it into mass concentration, and output it in the form of universal digital interface.The sensor can be embedded in various instruments or environmental improvement equipment related to the concentration of suspended particulate matter in the air to provide timely and accurate concentration data.

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