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Application of dust sensor in fire equipment

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With the development of social science and technology, people's safety awareness is constantly improving. Installation of various fire safety equipment is indispensable in modern residential or public places, and the use of preventive type is the most. Smoke alarm is the most common safety device in fire protection equipment, which is generally composed of smoke sensor and smoke detection chip.

Dust sensor applied in smoke alarm
Dust sensor applied in smoke alarm

Smoke alarm is a kind of equipment which can be used to warn fire in time. It can be mainly used in home, public entertainment, office, warehouse and other places. Because of the rapid momentum of fire, the short time to extinguish and the difficulty, it usually causes serious human and material losses. Early detection of fire source can greatly improve the effectiveness of fire fighting and reduce fire losses as much as possible. Smoke alarm equipped with dust sensor can send out alarm signal in the first time of fire occurrence and inform relevant personnel to carry out fire fighting.

LD15 laser dust sensor
LD15 laser dust sensor

The sensitivity of dust sensor has a great influence on the performance of smoke alarm, which decides the timeliness of smoke alarm when it encounters situations. Once it encounters fire alarm, it can't alarm in time, and the smoke alarm is just like a device. Guangzhou LUFTMY Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the research, development, production and sale of dust sensors. Several infrared dust sensors and laser dust sensors are highly sensitive and consistent, and manufacturers in need are welcome to contact us.

Application fields of LUFTMY laser PM2.5 dust sensor: air purifier, air conditioner with purification function, PM2.5 detector, lampblack machine, smoke alarm, fresh air system, special PM2.5 sensor, air detector, wearing equipment, etc.

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