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Application of laser dust sensor in indoor air freshener

Air pollution is a complex phenomenon, and the concentration of air pollutants is affected by many factors at a given time and place.Good air quality reflects the concentration of pollutants in the air...



PM2.5 sensors detect air particulate pollutants and provide a basis for their mass concentration

Air particulate pollutants are composed of particulate matter, acid droplets, organic chemicals, metals, soil, or dust.Moreover, the size of particulate air pollutants is associated with the risk of di...



Air purifiers use PM2.5 sensors to remove indoor second-hand smoke

Secondhand smoke is the most common in our daily lives, is also the main indoor pollutants, according to the scientific research of second-hand smoke with tar and ammonia, nicotine, particulate matter,...



A PM2.5 sensor on an intelligent environmental monitoring device

With the development of new technologies such as 5G and the Internet of Things, people have higher and higher requirements for intelligence, especially in the fields of building property, warehousing a...



Working process of vehicle-mounted air purifier and application of PM2.5 sensor

The progress of the society developing rapidly, we are also constantly in improving living standards, food and clothing live line have greater improvement, also travel, car gradually to increase, now a...



How to use the air purifier correctly?Dust sensor selection

In cities with poor air quality, air purifier has become a necessary household appliance for many families. It can timely detect indoor air quality and purify the air to improve the air quality.How to ...



PM2.5 dust sensor is applied to air conditioning dust detection

As we all know, there are many sensors in air conditioning, the most important of which are temperature sensors and humidity sensors.They play a vital role in air conditioning.At present, dust in urban...



Air Purifier Solution PM2.5 sensor application in air purifier

As consumers pay more and more attention to air pollution, air purification products have gradually become the focus of the market. Many people have installed air purifiers in their homes.With the deve...



Particle measurement method and particle sensor module are recommended

Particulate matter, also known as dust, a variety of solid or liquid particles uniformly dispersed in an aerosol system.Particulate matter can be divided into primary particulate matter and secondary p...



Application of dust sensor in various fields

With the arrival of autumn and winter season, some industrial developed, densely populated cities are prone to haze weather.Haze is the aerosol formed by the suspension of dust particles and water vapo...

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