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Sharp GP2Y1010AUOF dust sensor working principle

Sharp's GP2Y1010AU0F is an optical air quality sensor designed to sense dust particles in the air. The infrared led and phototransistor diagonal inside the GP2Y1010AU0F allows it to detect reflected li...



What is air mass concentration and what is its importance?

The vast majority of dust particle sensors available today, whether hundreds of dollars or 10,000 dollars, are optical particle sensors.These devices work by counting particles in the air.As air is dra...



Imaginative! Battery cars can also carry PM2.5 sensors

The use of PM2.5 sensors in battery cars is only an idea at the moment, but as people become more concerned about respiratory health, it may become possible.Experts have suggested that by placing air q...



How can PM2.5 sensors be used in vehicle-mounted air purifier systems

The detection process is generally carried out by odor sensor and PM2.5 sensor to detect the air quality inside the car. The purification process generally includes internal circulation air change, fil...



What are the performance and main application fields of PM2.5 sensors

Now more and more people use the air quality tester, mainly because of air quality in recent years, much attention, only to see the fog haze, which might bring about, but don't know what the pollution ...



How does the PM2.5 sensor detect particulate pollutants in the air through dust concentration

In recent years, the portable particle sensor based on light scattering principle has become a new type of monitoring equipment in the field of environmental air monitoring. Its emergence leads and occ...



Magic!Taxis equipped with PM2.5 sensors can also monitor urban air pollution

At present, domestic air quality has become a hot topic. Under the pressure of public opinion for many years, the battle to protect the blue sky has not only been launched within the whole people, but ...



The core component of the air environment monitoring solution --PM2.5 sensor

PM2.5 sensor is also called dust sensor, dust sensor, can be used to detect the dust concentration in the air around us, that is, PM2.5 value size.Its working principle is developed according to the sc...



How does the dust sensor measure PM2.5

Measuring PM2.5 is important because it has a very important impact on our health and it penetrates deeply into our bodies.PM2.5 refers to airborne particles with an aerodynamic diameter of 2.5 microns...



How will China achieve full PM2.5 air quality standards by 2030?

Using a variety of quantitative scientific models, the report proposes a scientific way to control PM2.5, or fine particulate matter, in key Chinese cities to meet the standards.Only in the context of ...

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