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Application of PM2.5 sensors in air purification in automobiles

PM2.5 sensors can be used in cars, I believe that many people do not know this.Let's talk about the air circulation in the car first. Many people will feel dizzy after driving or riding for a long time...



In what areas can PM2.5 sensors be used

In recent years, air quality has received much attention, people can only see the haze, but do not know the extent of pollution, just like the water we drink, it seems to be able to drink, but do not k...



A brief analysis of the working principle of PM2.5 dust sensor

PM2.5 sensor can also be a dust sensor, dust sensor or dust sensor, can be used to detect the dust concentration in the air around us, that is, we often hear the PM2.5 value size.Aerodynamically, dust ...



What are the uses of dust concentration sensors

With the acceleration of industrialization, air pollution is becoming more and more serious. Our country has begun to control air pollution, and we ourselves have to take corresponding measures to prot...



What is the difference between infrared dust sensor and laser dust sensor

Infrared photoelectric sensor is very useful in our life, air conditioning, air purifier, cleaning robot and other fields are used.I believe that many friends in the industry are not strange, so what a...



On the important role of various sensors in air purifier

Environmental pollution has become a common concern of all mankind and a problem that can only be solved by our joint efforts.From the initial understanding of haze, to gradually realized PM2.5, PM...



Application of laser dust sensor in indoor air freshener

Air pollution is a complex phenomenon, and the concentration of air pollutants is affected by many factors at a given time and place.Good air quality reflects the concentration of pollutants in the air...



PM2.5 sensors detect air particulate pollutants and provide a basis for their mass concentration

Air particulate pollutants are composed of particulate matter, acid droplets, organic chemicals, metals, soil, or dust.Moreover, the size of particulate air pollutants is associated with the risk of di...



Air purifiers use PM2.5 sensors to remove indoor second-hand smoke

Secondhand smoke is the most common in our daily lives, is also the main indoor pollutants, according to the scientific research of second-hand smoke with tar and ammonia, nicotine, particulate matter,...



A PM2.5 sensor on an intelligent environmental monitoring device

With the development of new technologies such as 5G and the Internet of Things, people have higher and higher requirements for intelligence, especially in the fields of building property, warehousing a...

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