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Guangzhou Luftmy Intelligence Technology Co., LTD is jointly found by the institute of automation of Chinese academy of sciences and Fraunhofer laser research institute of Germany Aachen University at the year of 2012, focusing on the technical research, production and sales of photovoltaic particulate sensor .

So far, Luftmy's research and development team has more than 50 professional Engineers , including 6 doctors, 13 masters, and over 500 quality &production personnels . Led by the enterprise culture of "craftsman's dream", Luftmy has gradually become a leading enterprise in the global photovoltaic sensor industry. And by achieving numerous technology breakthroughs and innovation , it has applied and obtained it has applied and obtained 70 invention patents, more than 120 utility model patents and 17 core algorithm software Copyrights.

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    The dust sensor adopts advanced PM2.5 detection mechanism to realize PM2.5 detection. The PM2.5 detection unit in the dust sensor adopts the principle of particle count, which can detect dust particles with a diameter of more than 0.5μ m se...

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    Laser power sensor is a kind of detector which absorbs laser beam and outputs the signal proportional to the beam power. The type of laser power sensor to be used depends on various elements of the measured laser beam, including power level,...

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    In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to indoor and outdoor air quality. However, with the development of urbanization, it is difficult for air quality not to be affected. At the same time, vehicle and factory emission co...

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